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  • ALL clubs will be eliminated when we move to vB4 in favor of social groups. Existing clubs were only allowed because they were already existing and, in many cases, quite large, but we've encouraged them continuously to move to social groups, and the change will be mandatory upon our move to vB4.
    It's a fan club. No matter what you call it, it's still a fan club. Not only are there social groups for just that type of thing, but there are threads in the anime section. We don't need yet another one in World.
    hi Rk, you know how these threads of yours always end up closed? well... i don't think it is a good idea for you to start threads randomly like that, so i'm here to offer you a deal, before you make a new thread, ask me about its content OK?
    You need to reach a certain number of posts before you can start making new threads and blogs. It's done this way as a means to cut down spambots. Sorry about that.
    i frankly don't know, i'm still new to Bulbagarden i joined in November, try asking an admin, like Ryuutakeshi, SaturnYoshi or CommanderPigg
    welcome to the Forums anyway! its a warm and nice place, the people here are awesome, you'l like them!
    You asked about new posts and threads well.

    To make a new thread go to the fourms you want to post in and at the bottem theres a buttion that says "New Thread" click it and then type the name of what you wana name your thread and what it is about. Next below the naming thing type what the thread is about. Rememeber to check if there are any threads like the one your about to post before posting a new one. You can post a thread that is the same as the old one if the old one has no new posts in 1 month. Also to post on threads just do the same thing you did when asking about posing new threads.

    Also remember to post your threads in the right fourms such as threads about the Anime go in the anime area and threads about pokemon video games go in the video game area and so on...

    If you have any more questions about the fourms feel free to ask me or most other members here.
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