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Robin Storm
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  • You okay, pal? I haven't heard from you in a while, so I wanted to see if you are doing fine. If I said something that offended you, I am really sorry. Either way, I hope things are going well for you and there's nothing weighing you down. Hope to hear from you soon.
    Robin Storm
    Robin Storm
    Hey Uncle Edit,
    I am truly sorry for not replying, it was because I lost my intrest in Pokemon that I never send a message back. If I offended you then I am really sorry about this, it is already a year ago since my last reply but I have never forget you. I felt guilty when I thought about you and I didnt know what to do back but now I know. I want to be friends again like we were years ago, I hope you can forgive me and that time can heal the damage I caused on you. I really hope to hear from you soon so we can talk about this and maybe talk more if you like.
    Yours sincerely,
    Robin Storm
    Robin Storm
    Btw here is my phone number 06 27398820. You probably need to put my country number in it.
    Thanks for the support Robin, but I feel this is something I need to get over on my own. Because negativity is a thing of life, I just need to accept that it exists and move on, a feat that I feel is easier said than done.
    While I have been rather occupied lately, I could try to find time to battle with you. I actually haven't really played Pokemon for a little while, so it will give me a reason to jump back into it again. Plus, battling each other isn't something we've done for quite a while, so it would be a nice change of pace.
    Sorry to hear that. Hope those things aren't weighing you down too much. Hopefully things will turn out better in the future for you. Oh, and thanks.
    Thanks! Well, the reason I've been rather stressed out is because I've been exposed to a lot of negativity on the internet. It brought me down so much, I needed time away from the internet for a little while. As a result, I've decided to avoid certain aspects of the internet just so I don't break down like that again. I'll still be here so I can chat with you, so that's something, right?
    Sorry I didn't respond right away, btw. I've been rather occupied recently, so I haven't found time to reply back until now.
    Finally huh? :p
    Sorry I got you everything so late. This isn't the usual case with me.
    I had no luck finding it later that day, I think it either got buried or someone nabbed it. Either way I'll be here tomorrow so I'll look out for you.
    Sorry I took this long to reply to you back, pal. I've been rather stressed out by the internet recently and I wanted to take a break for a little while. I'm not feeling that much better, but I knew I had to respond sooner or later. I hope you've been doing better than I have. Anyways, thanks for the support. I still haven't caught those Pokemon yet, since I've been busy with other things. Maybe when I am ready, I can try to get that done.
    Well deposit a random Pokemon that no one would want. Like a lvl 2 Zigzagoon for a female Torchic lvl 9 and under, and leave a note for me so I can see it like a simple "Hi Dolce" will do. This way I can make sure the Pokemon is traded to you, and no one else. But tell me what's your trainer name?
    Oh crud, sorry I forgot to reply. But when will you be around so we can try to trade again? Or do you want to try maybe the GTS? :p
    Well since you didn't specify genders at first I got you males. But I can get you a female.
    Can do! In that case take your time coming up with a nickname for Treecko.
    Which one do you want named Samus? And sorry I wasn't around, I had to go. >.<
    I'm ready to trade and will be around for 2 hours! And if I'm not here, I'll be online in game for two hours. And my IGN is Nina.
    Sounds good. Hope you manage to get what you seek. If you're gonna be busy, no worries. Take all the time you need. And thanks. I'm gonna need it!
    Sounds good to me! My fc is 4554-1270-5039, I already saw that you left yours in thread for me. ^^
    You're welcome. I hope it you don't have too much difficulty getting a Torchic. As for my progress, I'm just at the point where I'm training things for the heck of it. I'm also planning to catch Raikou, Entei, and Suicune in the near future, so I still have things to keep me busy.
    No it's fine. I think it'd probably be a good idea to arrange a time we can meet though if that's fine with you? So what works best for you?
    Your welcome. I figured that you would be busy with things, so I couldn't get upset with you because of that. And thanks.
    Sounds like your making good progress. Let me know how it turns out.
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