• ME begins a second journey around Sinnoh. Watch here as he follows a famous Professor around.

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    Beta Reader

    If theres anyone out there that would like to be a beta reader for me I would be eternally greatful (Does that conjure images of Toy Story or what :D) I mostly just need help with grammar, but if they would be up for me bouncing a couple ideas of them, that would be good as well
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    TEEN: Seasons, Book 1: Autumn

    I enjoyed reading this battle Looking forward to seeing where it all goes next :D
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    The Fiery Beginnings

    Chapter 13- After his battle with Forest at the Pewter city gym, Rob had decided that a couple days of rest and relaxation were in order for his Pokémon, while for him, it was more a chance for some realisation. Rob thought he must have gone over what Forest had said to him a hundred times by...
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    The Fiery Beginnings

    Thanks for the reviews guys Will hopefully have the next chapter done for tonight A lot of my story hinges on whether or not people like it If they don't, then i got to go for a re-write of my plan
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    Tips on Writing a Good Journey Fic

    Re: How Fast Should a Good Journey Fic Go? I think the simple answer is also what do you enjoy writing most. If you want it to have a slow pace to focus on character development, then thats what it should have. How ever if you think you would get bored of that, then obviously you want it to...
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    "What If" Scenario fanfics

    I wouldn't mind giving them a read I would personally go for a more important "what if" As i don't see Dawn winning changing anything all that much
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    The Fiery Beginnings

    Chapter 12- Dante froze to the spot, seeing the massive weight from above coming down on him. If to mimic his Pokémon Rob was shocked just as much as his Pokémon. The sight of this close to 900lbs goliath simply falling towards his tiny Pokémon left Rob with no idea what to say. Suddenly...
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    The Fiery Beginnings

    That might be a good idea It would slow down my posting as well :D If anyone reads this and wants to do it Let me know in a private message You'll get a special thanks in all my posts of course
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    The Fiery Beginnings

    As long as there only minor thats more than good enough at this stage lol I'll continue to try and improve it, but as long as it doesn't drive people completely mad
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    MATURE: Dragon Days [Chapter 26]

    Re: Dragon Days [Updated Mondays] Nice chapter Can't wait to read more :)
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    Episodic Fanfiction?

    Longs its well written an interesting to read I'm not to bothered how its layed out tbh Only thing i do know is that some of the episodes could end up being extremely long
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    The Fiery Beginnings

    Chapter 11- A new day has dawned over Kanto, as appearing out of the Pokémon centre early in the morning with the sun just rising is Rob. It’s taken a couple of days, but Arson managed to recover from his poisoning by the Beedrill. Rob himself has also recovered quickly, having already...
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    Gym Leaders?

    Yeah I've had some thoughts with that as well Some ideas have been taken from the games as well But thats just cause it helps further my storyline a bit
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    Gym Leaders?

    Yeah I've put a little thought into that But I'm still certain Pewter is going to be the first & current storyline dictates it going more or less by traditional script
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    Gym Leaders?

    As my storyline is set several years after the anime and the original game series I was wondering do you think the gym leaders should developed, past the stage of Forest (Instead of Brock) still having a geodude that can only basically use tackle. Or would it be more realistic/entertaining...