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  • Thanks! a lot!
    Between now and the next main game release, plan on playing as many different teams as possible
    Various Type Teams, Movie Themed, and even Starters Team
    Not a problem, no offense taken.

    I only play online just for fun, don't even know what Smogon is.

    Still love Floatzel, redoing my older teams.
    With the weasel team, the only change I'm doing - replacing Watchog (mostly meerkat, not related to weasels) with Typhlosion.
    Will add Weavile to the team, 7 Pokemon (along with Floatzel, Mienshao, Linoone, Samurott, Furret, Typhlosion) so I'll do what I'm doing with a Canine Team I'm playing - every time I get to a PC box the strongest Pokemon waits in the PC, let the other out.

    Yep, almost a year, it was Darth Darkrai that convinced me to come visit.
    You probably don't remember me since I changed user name - I think I had Sea-Weasel-Challenger back then (if I remember). I know I don't like to restart my teams, going to redo my Weasel team, but this time with a more Competitive team instead of just in game. Been getting interested in online battles for some time. So far had about 12 battles so far have not won, but I do have fun.

    Not sure why, along the way been liking foxes - and the fox based Pokemon.

    Had to stop by and greet you, I know it's been so long.
    If you do have interest in learning new language regardless of whatever it is, then in this case rather choose one with the following two conditions: 1) A language from a country you are interested to go to; 2) A language used widely in some specific field you are interested in.
    Since you said you don't have real-life friends knowing any other language than English, then passion will be your only initiative to force you to learn. Then it might be better to learn one that will be useful in the future, yet you came to contact it very often unconsciously.

    And as a language learning advice of mine, really I don't suggest the orthodox way of learning though language school/class/lecture/teacher/textbooks. IMO, the best is learn through playing. I learned how to read/listen/speak Japanese not from any language school/class/lecture/teacher/textbooks, but from merely watching anime, playing video games, and reading mangas/light novels. I have to partially thanks to nowadays games that it consists of so much voice-acting, which makes learning much easier. And then because I gained interest in writing fanfics (specifically in Japanese), which this gave me passion and reason to dig deeper into grammar and literature rules of Japanese. Yeah, I self-studied Japanese in unorthodox way, but I guaranteed the result is just excellent, I even passed the JLPT in N1 level.

    In your case, how about replay old Pokemon games in other languages, such as French or German or Italian? Since you already knew story of old games, it shouldn't be difficult to figure out what the NPCs say in their conversation. That might be a good starting point.
    Oh, too bad. But don't need to feel bad about it, because if you are not planning to move to other countries, not even wanting to travel to other countries for a short visit, one language is already enough for all the need in one's entire life.
    Even in South Africa, although Afrikaans is treated as the second official language, every single one rather speak English for everyday conversations. Only within the communities of each different races, people will then speak their respective native language. I don't have much problem about my current daily living despite that I hardly failed Afrikaans during my high school time.
    Afrikaans is nie my moedertaal, so net in die intermediere vlak, kan lees maar nie praat nie. (^^)
    English is better, because that is my second native tongue. Afrikaans is rather difficult in the pronunciation, it sounds like speaking while phlegm is stuck in your throat. I still can't get it right after moving to this country for almost 20 years....

    In case of my fanfics, in fact I don't use any Pokemon anime as reference. Rather many in-story plot were inspired from Pokemon games and mangas, together with mostly other JAP animes and games. Even inside my head, characters are drawn in the style like many JAP adventure games, Pokemons themselves are redesigned to a more "realistic" style in order to reflect a more "realistic" background of my story.
    Your fanfic sounds nice. But I would also advice you to be careful of doing opposite of whatever happened in the anime, especially the relationship between characters, including Pokemon. Your protagonist feel annoying with the companion girl is fine, but be sure to have some reason or motive to ensure the girl will follow your protagonist even if his attitude went sour at time. Because if just follow him for the mere reason of he is cool, then that is nothing different from a fangirl, unless if that is your intention as the author.
    And about the Pokemon, since your protagonist is a trainer, if he can't get along with his Pokemon well enough, during the battle it will get fluster rather easily as it doesn't make much sense of a rather rebellious Floatzel suddenly listen to its owner. Unless, if that is your intention at the beginning, that is also fine, just be sure to develop the relationship of characters when story progress.
    Hello, I'm back. I went to visit cousin's family living at the outskirt. Their home doesn't have any WiFi, still using old LAN modem for internet, but it is not usable because the only computer originally used by their move out child is not working properly due to collecting dust for several years. I felt bored to death without any entertainment, just talking livelihood gossip with the elders for 3 days long. ああ~、やっと解放された。万歳!

    BTW, this is an African country in the south. Although here is already the most (or probably the 2nd most) developed amongst all the African country, still WiFi is rather scarce, mobile 3G/4G is ridiculously expensive. Especially if you are at the outskirt but not in the middle of city center, internet speed will drop to snail's pace.
    BTW, I'll not be connected to the internet within the next 3 days. So if you want to continue the conversation, you can do so after 3 days. It was fun talking to you. See you.
    If you have good plot to be told, either way is fine. But just a little my advice if you dislike cliche. How about trying to break the mold, telling some original story that canon had never done before? No need to be trainer going on a badge quest and defeat the villainous team, no need to be a human transformed to some talking Pokemon solving catastrophe of another world. Something else, for example the B2W2 Chapter of Pokemon Adventure manga, a genius International Police superintendent disguised as a young trainer attending Trainers School, looking for clues about a girl that was a former member of villainous team.

    Though, I might not be the best person to give such advice, because all my fics in past/current/future are rather cliche at the beginning, even I as the writer think it doesn't arouse reader's interest by the first glance. It only start to step out of cliche when story progress further. For the fic I planned for future, by its very first glance, yeah you can simplified into merely "trainer go out for a journey to participate in Pokemon League". But the reason why I planned this stereotyped trainer fic when currently I'm doing a innovative crossover fic, is because I wanted to try something advance within that stereotyped mold. In that planned fic of mine, journey and battle is really not the main focus, rather the most important thing is the growth of protagonist. I'm using journey and trainer battle more like a form of plot device, in order to tell the growth and change of mind of protagonist. And the reason why I'd choose trainer over other form of occupations, is due to GenV BW in-game questioning of ethics of possession of Pokemon, and a thread in another forum questioning the morality of Pokemon battles. Because IMO Pokemon battles consist of so much moral gray zones, hence it should arouses so much questions that a trainer should asks themselves when doing their battle activities, thus stimulate growth of character in rather a short period.
    I'm sorry to said, and I also feel this is sad, that legendaries are indeed designed to be plot device from the very start, that is their reason of existence from story-writing POV. If not being a plot device, they are then nothing difference from the fossil Pokemons and symbol encounter Pokemons such as Snorlax which there only exist one single unit of the species in the game for the player to encounter and catch, and you won't see any other trainers using such Pokemon. No, legendaries/mythicals might be worser in gameplay context, as you just mentioned they are banned in competitive tournaments, additionally they cannot breed to increase the amount. So if they are not implanted into the plot, practically speaking there are in fact useless, only for the mere sake of dex filling. (Though I don't like to think in this way, but that is just a pragmatic truth.....)

    Although they are meant to be plot device, but I wouldn't say that is anything bad as plot device are merely a tool to drive the plot. Are they going to be bad is all depends on the execution, meaning how the will the writer use them in the story.

    BTW, if you are going to write a Pokemon fanfic without any legendaries/mythicals, that is also fine, as there is no rules or restriction saying they must be use in anything Pokemon-related. I would encourage you to do so if you have good fanfic idea, regardless of whether it has or doesn't have any legendaries/mythicals.
    And just a side talk of mine. I was also planning on writing a Pokemon fanfic without any legendaries/mythicals, implanting more realism into the fic, where I had such idea floating for almost 2 years.
    What I'm unforgivable about, is the scenario-writers abuse the legendaries/mythicals for the sake of eye-catching, disregarding the fact that they are in-universe ultra rare species that don't appear in front of normal civilians. Especially the strict category of legendaries as they are not only ultra rare, but because they have legends associated with them, most of them having abnormal powers far greater than ordinary Pokemon which could cause catastrophe if used wrongly, additionally starting from GenIII onwards they are deemed to be deities/gods of Pokemon world, which then should make in-universe characters revere if not then at least respect them.

    In the TV anime and the movies, especially after OS, all the above-mentioned things just don't happen, oppositely it is going worse. I don't mind the movies centered around a few selected legendaries/mythicals, but I absolutely hate abusive usage of them for the mere sake of having them around but not adding any significance to the plot itself, also hate story plot that disregard and devalue their supposed superior status which is a class differ from ordinary Pokemon hence should not be treated like ordinary Pokemon in the background, and also hate story plots that wasted their potential as they have far greater power than ordinaries. For the next Hoopa movie, will it make a difference if the all-out battles is full of legendaries or full of ordinaries? If they wanted to be eye-catching, I would rather want them to put extra efforts on story and graphics, not just a little extra, but excessively extra!
    I'm personally fine with the idea of legendary Pokemon being a superior supernatural being served as deities/gods of Pokemon world, as that just make the Pokemon world more like a fantasy RPG game world (my favourite game genre), and it also gives me fanfic ideas. BTW, the term "Legendary Pokemon" within general English fandom was used rather incorrectly as a broad term which including both the truly legendary Pokemon having legends/myths/lores behind their existence (Bird Trio doesn't have story, but they fell within legendary Pokemon category) and the mythical event Pokemon which doesn't have any legends/myths/lores behind their existence, but from in-universe POV they are ultra-rare where their nowadays existence is questionable. In my wordings, I take the term "legendary Pokemon" as strictly the category of legendaries excluding the mythicals. BTW, Mewtwo's case IMO should now consider as 'urban legend'.

    Well either case of the legendaries or the mythicals, I just felt unforgivable about any story-writings that abuses them. I don't mean by in-universe where characters go literally abuse their power for ones' own good, oppositely IMO that is rather good plot element because that may produce some interesting plot, hence I'm fine with main series game story (But if possible, I hope GF can work a bit more on the villains, their goals are always something lacking. But, not for GenV). In case if legendaries/mythicals cannot interweave into the main plot, I'll also be fine if there exists main plot irrelevant optional sub-plot or major sidequests where player are send to look for legendaries/mythicals for specific purpose. I think that will rather make gameplay more interesting than just go hunt down legendaries/mythicals for mere collection purpose. BTW, that's also the reason I don't like the gameplay design in ORAS about Mirage Spots in Soaring.
    Although I'm not that worry that a currently existing console video game company will change itself to be a smartphone game company (May be it is just that I never heard any company like that. Though, I'll not be surprized that staff of a bankrupt video game company go establish a new smartphone game company, but that is a different story), but surely this time IMO Nintendo just did the wrong thing. Now when you reference to Hollywood film, it rather just make a nice comparison. For the movie nerds that loves to watch Hollywood films, how can the film director(s) expect the audience be satisfied by a third-rated film having the same quality as soap drama broadcasted on everyday TV? When a film director(s) dare to make such low quality film, this is not just a disrespect towards the audience, but also a disrespect towards the Hollywood film industry.

    BTW, speaking of film and gimmicks, the upcoming Pokemon movie with Hoopa as the star features an all-out legendary Pokemon battles. Now such flashy gimmicks with no inner intension which draws audience's attention only by its superficial splendor is too blatantly overdone. I dislike it very much not only that it vulgarize the already rare legendary Pokemons, but as the film requires such large eye-catching gimmick, I doubted the story itself will be anything spectacular worth to watch. Really, does it require so much legendaries to tell a well-written story? I don't think the story have anything different where millions of legendary are used than only 2~3 are used.
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