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  • Psychologically speaking, all the freemium games on smartphone are indeed slot machine, they have the exact same addictive effects just like the slot machine which secretly hypnotize the player, making them unconsciously absorbed into the game and getting lost from the surrounding reality.

    Well, although I can also say all sorts of console video games are addictive as well, but there are two distinct differences from smartphone freemium games. One is the sociability, especially true for games in large family console than handheld console as there exist many multi-player games. And another most important one is the involvement of MONEY!
    Other than the money you spent to purchase the game itself, micro-transactions used to purchases all sorts of necessities that is required for normal gameplay is nothing different from the act of gambling. And by the involvement of money everywhere during the playthrough, it will reduce the monetary value, subtlely encourage ones to spend money for playing. When a game encourages spending money unlimitedly, that is no more an entertainment for relaxation, but gambling disguised in the form of video game,

    But sadly, despite gambling is a restrictive business where it is regulated by government in most countries, freemium games fell within the gray zone between gambling and entertainment, hence it is unrestricted. And when freemium game market being as profitable as gambling market, as a form of a unrestricted lawful business it is surely very attractive and irresistable, being more addictive in the company side than the player side.
    Now, I don't really know what is the in-universe purpose of existence of ME. Although it depicts that Key Stones and Mega Stone was produced from irradiation of the Ultimate Weapon, but this background setting seems more like an extra dispensable info trying to be plausible by shoehorned into story plot of XY. But in the new ORAS where such setting is retcon with meteorite, and Rayquaza ME without using Mega Stone, the origin of ME seems to becoming unimportant in terms of GF's game scenario planning. Besides, the story plot of XY and ORAS Delta Episodes can execute normally without the existence of ME (including Primal Reversion of Groudon and Kyogre), so in fact there doesn't exist any purpose for the existence of ME, other than the non-in-universe reason of being a flashy gimmick to drag attention of players.

    But, if I have to say, it is not that good either in dragging attention, as GF designed such an overpowered gimmick, even trying to make it stand out by thrusting a ME tutorial into the player's throat, yet failed to increase the necessity of this gimmick by increasing the game's overall difficulty in order for player to utilize such gimmick during one's normal gameplay. In the gameplay review and walkthrough threads in this and other forums, the ones who used ME the most are mostly competitive players that values online battles and competitions much more than normal story playthrough. Very few casual player utilize ME in their normal gameplay, additionally their amount of MEing was so few it is countable using one's fingers.
    We are surely quite common in the thinking. I agree all your thought, especially with the execution and wasted potential of ME. Though, regarding on designs, I'll be neutral as aesthetics is rather subjective. But, I'll also agreed Mega Slowbro looks ugly and not making much sense......

    But, since Game Freak had made a bad start from XY already, and continuously making the matter worse by implanting ME further into non-battle mechanics in ORAS, could you possibly hoping they will fix this mess in future games? I personally don't think so, unless they change their staff, especially the chief director board member.
    Unfortunately I don't have a 3DS, so I haven't got any play experience of GenVI yet. But I already read all the information about the content, and even playthroughs on web, which makes me really wanted to try to play it for once. Doesn't matter is it as bad as like someone said, I'll make the judgement myself to see is it a bad game or not once I have try it.

    But regardless of have I play it through yet or not, I personally was also not very fond of the idea of Mega Evolution, and the overabundance of non-GenVI in XY. For the latter, very obviously because it is GenVI, I hope to see new things rather than old things. Besides, it is just too early to make a game full of nostalgic element, as the previous remake HgSs was not yet even more than 5 years old since its sale, and not yet 10 years old since FrLg. If GF want a game with all the old Pokemon included, I would prefer it to be GenVII, as the 20th anniversary that fall within that time period make it temporally a better choice.
    And for my idea of Mega Evolution, this post of mine might be a better explanation. And as a sidenote, I'm not a competitive player, but I never have any difficulty problem of playing Pokemon games. I also doubted how much is the amount of competitive players contribute within the Pokemon main series player demographic, where it requires such overpowered game mechanics to be implanted and used only by those players. (Of course, normal player that don't do any online battles can also utilize ME in regular NPC battles, but it is just not difficult enough for one to utilize ME to full potential)
    When I had dig myself into writings and understand more about narratology and story structure, I think I kind of grasp that strange feelings which makes my enthusiasm diminish. But if I have to answer it in details, it will rather be a super-long post I may ponder for answer in days. So I'll rather answer it in my blog.

    But to give a quick objective answer about the Pokemon anime, it is surely no more as good as it used to be. Just by looking at view rates, ratings, sales of TV DVDs, movie ticket sales of every year, quantity and sales of anime-related merchandize, even by looking into deeper details such as budget allocation for the anime projects (movie need to consider separately), one can notice there is a significant decline for every year. Although Pokemon games are also not that good in the recent years, but when compare the anime department to game department, decline in former is more significant than the latter.
    Well, oppositely GenV seems to be my favourite, statistically-wise, as it contains the highest relative percentage of Pokemon I like. Though as an entire group of Pokemon generation, I personally prefer GenIV.

    For the anime, I watched all the way up to the middle of AG (somewhere past Mauville City if I may recalled). Then, I was "forced" to stop watching not for any personal reason I can controlled, but rather it was the TV broadcast station in my country for some unknown reason suddenly halt the broadcasting of this anime. And back at that old time, I was not yet familiar with internet searching, and a thing called Youtube. So I skipped the all the way and started to rewatch it from somewhere in DP saga on Youtube. Now, I still watch the Pokemon anime, but only after reading the preview and review on the forums to see am I interested to watch it for a test. Though, it often turns out I'm going to skip it than watch it, especially since BW saga.

    Probably due to the halt back at that time being too long, my enthusiasm for watching Pokemon anime was not that great compare to the old time. And also after watching a few episodes in DP saga I kinda of felt something was wrong, I don't feel the same enjoyment compare to the old OS saga.
    Firstly, I'll have to say my preference of anime choice doesn't change much from back at that old time. Just because I'm physically an adult now doesn't necessarily mean I love the "mature" and "dark" anime with in-depth themes. Even by now I'll sometimes look for the "childish" and "casual" light-hearted animes for leisure, such as Precure. But still, I can't enjoy Pokemon anime like the old time.
    I don't have any Pokemon I hate or despise. Although there are ones I think they are ugly, but because they are meant to be ugly from the start, I accept the Pokemon the way it is.
    When you learned to look at something from an artistic aesthetic viewpoint, one will rather find ugly is another form of beauty, how interesting.
    As a Pokemon species, I don't think I have a favourite non-legendaries, because inside my head I treat every Pokemon equally and equivalently. But as a specific character to be use in writing, I do prefer some specific ones over the other, though most are the so-called overrated popular ones amongst the general Pokemon fandom. BUT!!! In case I wrote a story, I can 100% guaranteed that my character choice, specifically Pokemon choice, is not according to my personal favouritism, but according to the need of the story plot. So even if a Muk or a Magikarp is needed in a story, I'll devote all my efforts to make the Pokemon character interesting regardless of the species.
    As you can see in my avatar. Second would probably be Arceus. Third... I don't know, because there were a whole bunch which I can't even arrange them correctly in my favouritism priority list.
    Late response is not a problem. I am also a busy person in the reality, so I pop into the forum only once a day.

    I see. If you are a Pokemon fan that prefer game much more than anime, I'm sure you'll love the manga, especially the Pokemon Special (aka Pokemon Adventure in English) series. Not just that it follows the plot of game while adding interesting original twists to each single character, but it has continuity, and no filler chapters, every single chapter connected to the future and the past. Additionally, it is not childish nor comedic, rather it is packed with actions and conflicts, specifically mental conflicts and struggles.
    Nice to meet you. Mind may I ask, do you still watch/play/read any Pokemon anime/game/manga? Up to where are you right now?
    Hello. May I add you as my friend? I think we have quite many things in common as you often liking my post.
    I Hope to use a Mienfoo someday in a Game, have a Mienfoo Toy, he'll be sitting here with Me during the Oscars tonight. :)
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