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Recent content by Rockapheller

  1. Rockapheller

    When do you think Pokemon is going to do eastern europe (outside of russia)?

    All the countries the regions have been based on are where Pokémon has official localizations. Japan, USA, France, the UK and now Spain. Germany, Italy, China, Korea, or somewhere in the USA are pretty much more likely candidates based on what we have had up to this day.
  2. Rockapheller

    Your controversial opinions

    Thank you. I always think X & Y versions are under-appreciated. There has always been something missing in those games, that is true, but I believe drop of the planned third version has made these issues remain for good. (The fact that Zygarde's various formes being introduced in S&M, one...
  3. Rockapheller

    Review HIS03: Two Hues

    I want to appreciate it for what it is, but genuinely speaking, this has been the most boring spin off series that we've gotten so far, in my opinion. The pace was so extremely slow that it was difficult for me to keep up with it. At some point I put the speed on x2, and it felt more like its...
  4. Rockapheller

    Pokemon Scarlet and Violet anime

    On September 1st, we just learned that the series would be called simply "Pocket Monsters", and it would focus on all regions instead of simply Galar, with a little announcement that we would get some news on September 29th. But one thing to keep in mind is that it was announced before the...
  5. Rockapheller

    So I guess it's impossible for the anime to cover Legends Arceus, Hisui and it's characters, right?

    Just like how Ash went to the past in SM100 (and on many other occasions), there could have been a two-parter where Ash goes to the past to resolve a disrupt and comes back in time. It is not difficult for the writers to come up with a plot to cover the Legends:Arceus characters or exclusive...
  6. Rockapheller

    Review HIS02: Fiery Reflections in Snow

    The art style is really beautiful, and I like the details such as the red ears and soft colors. But the story has gone downhills drastically with this one. I focused on anything but the story itself.
  7. Rockapheller

    Controversial opinions

    I mean in the flashback scene he basically said he was tired of Kukui appreciating Alola's nature and something along these lines, and that's how he became a villain. That's just a very poor execution of making a villain, in my opinion.
  8. Rockapheller

    Ash's future after Journeys

    Plus, it is not Ash getting in fist fights with the trainers after all. Every time he makes a brand new team (barring Pikachu), it is the Pokémon's training that needs to be overcome, not Ash himself. His intelligence and knowledge can only assist him through training, but it doesn't necessarily...
  9. Rockapheller

    Pokemon Scarlet and Violet anime

    I genuinely can't see it being dragged on beyond Project Mew and Pokémon World Championships. Especially as we know now that they are setting up the finale of these two arcs within months. If it were to continue though, I am afraid of the future of the series, given that Galar Pokémon barely...
  10. Rockapheller

    Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Predictions/Speculation/Discussion Thread

    I always thought Game Freak would be repellent toward over-complicated Pokémon designs, but this time the legendaries DELIVER it. I think I enjoy both of them equally. It is always the case with newly revealed Pokémon that their designs would look a bit off, but this time they really did it...
  11. Rockapheller

    Preview JN112: A Triumphant Return! The Alola Champion!!

    Shiny Magearna was not revealed for a while, so we never knew what color it was. The confusion comes from the "original color" form of Magearna, which (as seen in the last picture) is brown-ish red and yellow, while the regular Magearna is pink-ish gray(?). With Pokémon Home, we got to see what...
  12. Rockapheller

    SwSh [SOLVED] LF: Sword exclusives TF: Shield exclusives

    I've got their counterparts (maybe except a couple of them). We can do it.
  13. Rockapheller

    Review JN111: Mohn and Lilie, Snowfield Reunion

    Gonna keep it short and straight to the point. This is officially my favorite episode of the Journeys series so far, surpassing JN065. SM really hits hard with its dark themes. Even after it is over, with its characters, the trend goes on.
  14. Rockapheller

    What Pokemon would you like to see the Masters 8 use?

    Thematically speaking, I would rather have all characters stick to their game teams as much as possible. In Lance's particular repetitive case, though, he could stick to Red Gyarados, Dragonite and Aerodactyl on a 3 vs 3 battle so we get it done.
  15. Rockapheller

    Review HIS01: Onto the Icy Blue

    The animation is really heart-warming despite of the cold, snowy atmosphere throughout the episode. But I am disappointed that the episodes are going to be totally very short, and there won't be a room for the depth of characters or the story itself, given that 1/3 of the whole story is just our...