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    Review XY063: A Fork in the Path of Indecision!? Musashi and Sonans!!

    lol, when was the last time I posted here? But of course I would have to come see what people were saying about THIS episode ^^. A little help from anyone who is more familiar with Japanese, maybe Dogasu? I had a question about the scene where Kojiro was talking with the twerps. After he...
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    Filler Percentages, Best Wishes Edition!

    Yeah, that was about it. Cilan's whole "Detective Connoisseur" thing was introduced in that episode, and it became a running gag of him declaring himself to be an "*insert noun here* connoisseur" in many episodes after that. Also Da! episode 19, Cilan and Iris' departure episode, featured...
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    Filler Percentages, Best Wishes Edition!

    Yeah, I was aware of the Archeops connection thing, as I mentioned. The reason I ended up deciding it was filler (along with the Tirtouga episodes) was because the events in the Archeops episode were foreshadowing to what happened in the Tirtouga episode...and the Tirtouga two parter didn't...
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    Filler Percentages, Best Wishes Edition!

    Yeah, it definitely shouldn't be about bashing Best Wishes, though I would think it would be ok to express our opinions about this or any of the other seasons as long as we all do it in a civil manner ^^ My original theory back in the day when I made my first thread, was that the quality of the...
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    Filler Percentages, Best Wishes Edition!

    I'm back! I exist! Dang, its been forever since I posted anything. After the somewhat..."controversial" turn the Isshu league arc took and the IMO rather mediocre Episode N, I was about ready to give up on Pokemon altogether, and stopped watching after the 2nd Da! episode. But seeing as XY...
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    Is Chuang Yi still publishing Pokemon Adventure?

    Just as the topic title says, I wanted to know if anyone had heard anything about if Chuang Yi is still publishing their english version of the manga anymore, or if the company in general might be having problems? I ask because its been a suspiciously long time since they published the last...
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    Review Mewtwo: The Prologue to its Awakening

    know I should have seen it coming a mile away (different voice actor and all) but I'm still really dissapointed that this is *not* the same Mewtwo from the original movie. Having a brand new Mewtwo just raises too many questions I think, and they totally miss out on the chance to have Ash meet...
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    Best Wishes Season 2 Da! Opening and Ending

    what the flip!? Clair!? that is totally random. why did they pick her to come back this saga. weird. That opening wasn;t really that great, I thought. better than the first BW opening, but not nearly as interesting as either of the two be an arrow OPs. only part I really liked was Tr...
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    How will Pokemon X & Y impact the Anime? - UPDATE: Begins October!

    re: How will Pokemon X & Y impact the Anime? - UPDATE: Begins October! only got one thing to say about this... NOOOOOOOO! There go all my hopes and dreams of the darn anime actually ending with BW. *dies*. Time for another 3+ year trek we've already seen 5 times over. apparently yes...
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    Pokeshipping General Discussion

    Re: Help request locating an old Pokeshipping fanfic O_O! ZOMG!!! seriously!!?!? Thank you thank you thank you thank you!! your the greatest. *goes and starts saving the chapters*
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    Pokeshipping General Discussion

    Re: Help request locating an old Pokeshipping fanfic lol, I didn;t notice that their e-mails were on there. Maybe I will try those. Although I don't really expect an answer. I haven't seen those two on IM in YEARS, and I wouldn;t be surprised if they switched to some other accounts and...
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    Pokeshipping General Discussion

    Help request locating an old Pokeshipping fanfic I know its probably an extreme long shot that anyone will actually be able to help me with this, considering the situation, but I thought it couldn't hurt to ask, just in case. so...does anyone else here remember the old original AAML website...
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    Review S15 EP33: Crisis at Ferroseed Research!

    yes, really, what the heck is up with the pronunciation of Ferroseed??? "ferraseed", really?? How do they get that? and the emphasis on the second sound, so its "fe-RAH-seed". it just sounds stupid. It should seriously be a long oh sound, something like "Pharoh-seed". Worst...
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    Preview BW083 + BW084 Fierce Fighting at Tachiwaki Gym! VS Homika!! Part 1 and Part 2

    ugh. Ash having to use all his pokemon in the battle? Homika apparently almost handing Ash his butt with only 3 pokemon against 6?? Ash *almost giving up*? Stupid writers *smacks them*. Why are they doing this to him after all the improvements they had him going through in AG and DP???
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    Preview BW083 + BW084 Fierce Fighting at Tachiwaki Gym! VS Homika!! Part 1 and Part 2

    Just because thats what they do doesn't mean we have to like it. And also...plugging the new games shouldn't mean they have to skip the last original gym. The writers did not *need* to sacrifice Drayden's gym in order to showcase the new gyms, they could, and should, showcase both. The...