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    Rumours/Fakes/Leaks Discussion Thread

    Unfortunately to say, but that's Aurorus.
  2. Roen

    The New Mega Evolutions Thread (MOD NOTE: Read first post!)

    There is still the 'Z' of this generation, and even then Generation VII will have new mega's for us to enjoy. Although I would like some more secret mega's like we had in XY, I won't be mad if we don't get them. Move Tutors are a thing, and if the Battle Resort has multiple facilities, I'll be...
  3. Roen

    Favorite Ice type

    The Ice type is together with the Flying type, my favourite typing. So you would think that I have a lot of favourites, which isn't true. I like them all, but Aurorus and Amaura are my favourite evolution line I might say. They're based on sauropods, which I adore, and they look so calm and cool...
  4. Roen

    Favorite Grass Type

    Jumpluff. Just because it was invincible in GSC with Sleep Powder and Leech Seed. It looks cute, and it was my favourite Pokémon of Generation II, together with Crobat, but he's not a Grass type obviously. I remember those good old days where it took down all of the gym leaders apart from...
  5. Roen

    Favorite Fire Type?

    I'm not much of a Fire type lover, but Torkoal would be my favourite. I love tortoises, so a 'flaming' tortoise is a cool concept. He needs lots of love though! Normally I would say, "give him an evolution!" But with megas introduced, mega Torkoal seems like an interesting Pokémon, even more if...
  6. Roen

    Favorite Dark Type?

    I voted for Sableye, since it has that evil grin and sneaky attitude about him. But what can you expect from a little gremlin? I loved him from the moment I saw him in my Sapphire version all those years ago, and having no weaknesses was just awesome too. Those stats are crappy, but who cares...
  7. Roen

    CoroCoro Thread (Pages are Leaking, Bewear of Spoilers!)

    It's just talking about the poster being in the special Coro Coro edition of December, with the other Coro Coro addition still having to leak. And that we could assume that these are all the megas for now, but there will still be some surprises left for us when we get the games. So it doesn't...
  8. Roen

    How are you preparing for the release?

    They don't do midnight releases where I live, but I'll get both games as soon as they're available (which unfortunately is on the 28th, because EU sucks). I will have that day off from work, plus the two weeks after that, so I'll have more then enough time to play these games. And just enjoy the...
  9. Roen

    Move Tutors/Expanding movepools

    The trailer just confirmed that Shiftry learns Leaf Blade, which is something it couldn't learn before. So it'll probably be an Egg move (with a small possibility of a tutor move maybe). Curious to know about other Pokémon now!
  10. Roen

    Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire Release Dates!

    I can't believe this, why are they screaming worldwide when EU gets it a whole week after everybody else? What's the reason? So disappointed now...
  11. Roen

    CoroCoro Thread (Not for XY Anime Discussion)

    Re: CoroCoro Discussion Thread I want my MegaLuvdisc and MegaFarfetch'd! Those Mega forms could exist for every Pokémon and give them a big boost to their stats. I'm loving it if this is real.
  12. Roen

    SPOILERS: Gen VI Pokemon Discussion

    Re: Revealed Gen VI Pokemon Discussion/Speculation Thread Even though Steel/Ghost is the best defensive typing (it even resists the famous Ghost/Fighting combo), it would be too much if they gave it defensive stats on par with Bronzong or Ferrothorn. Even more so if it gets the Levitate...
  13. Roen


    Re: Rumour Discussion and Speculation That fake Fennekin evolution resembles Kyubimon from digimon way too much. The quadruped design, the color scheme and even the fact that Kyubimon has will-o-wispy-like fire type attacks screams fake.
  14. Roen

    Why do people always say Elesa is hard in BW?

    Elesa was the easiest gym leader ever for me. Palpitoad with Echoed Voice takes her down like it isn't even funny. And not only her, since Echoed Voice is an overpowered move for Palpitoad to have.
  15. Roen

    Pokemon Type Combinations

    Ehm, Gligar and Gliscor are Flying/Ground, not Fighting/Ground, so yeah... And I know, but the OP asked for new type combinations.