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Roi C.
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  • Ohh that's the motto! >:D Sometimes the financial situation doesn't allow it >.< Oh were you? ^^ That'd be amazing! Gonna try that? I mean no harm in trying c: If you get it it will be helllllllaaaa amazing ^^
    Well the most I can stay xD I'd love to go for at least a week, and well I have been willing to go since I was a kid really, I love animals. So get the job and I am staying at your place to save hotel money Mweheheheh (???) jk

    Nyyaaaa I am glad~ I don't see soft men anymore >w< OMG tell me more about your cat c: Well I love cats, so I wana have lotsa cat ones, maybe even one for each cat I had in my life. but I have a few ones (more than anything bears xD), mostly gifts I got. Someday I wanna collect pokemon and vgm/anime plushes.

    Yes xD I play and have to connect it soon, but when I can't use my 3ds is the only way. Games like the 7th guest and Dead Space c:

    I am trying with short books as you suggested now and it's working owo Well I stopped, it's kinda messed up in some parts, but it is indeed pretty good. Watch it owo Something I am following now it's this new Fox serie Wayward Pines, do you know it?
    Oh my the movie was.. >~< I should do it! thanks~

    I am glad, I was the bitch for leaving two months ehe >.> The lenght says we are both enjoying it ^^

    Btw did you catch the news of the E3? Hope something catched your interest :p
    Oh I see ^^ I guess I'd like to travel after something like that too, since I am really easy to stress.
    But well, if we can brag about something our nature is amazing, or so people say. If any the place I'd love to visit is Australia, I mean haven't you ever thought of seeing kangh-cangaroo, and all those animals only they have!
    ( c: )

    Feel that xD But my dream is to have a looooooooot of plushes, eh I know it's childish but I always liked them. Do you like fluffy things? o:

    I understand that too :/ But some games looks amazing, I mean have you played 6 guns or the Gangstar games? They are huge and have multiplayer and such. And well when I can't use my 3ds I kill some hours with them. I recently got the hang of several "scary" games.

    Wow o.o; Nothing bad about it ^^ I admire people who can read a lot, I lack concentration unless I am 10000% hooked but I always end up losing it in a few times. On a side note take care of your eyes eh? >~< Using the phone too much must be tiring.. So do you watch the series? (Game of Thrones I mean) o:
    I read a few, courtesy of my mom xD Have a favorite novel of him?

    No calling yourself a dick >:c You have a life outside of here too ^^ If it doesn't mean you are having it rough.. I mean I'd be worried :c
    I didn't know about that :eek: Sorry for the stupid question but is it a sorta thing you have? I mean traveling around this age.
    But lemme think >o< It depends on what you like, Brazil has the most well known beaches but for cold places Chile, mountain sightings and such. Every country has something so it's hard to tell, everything come to what people wanna enjoy, some like architecture,others History and ancient stull, there's nature and there's just exploring xD. But well my mom always talked about the beauty of Venezuela, I'd reccomend it but things have been pretty rough for some time there. But you have to come here -w-)/
    What do you look for in a place?

    And you tell me about it xD But wow o.o; You must have quite some custom 3ds! How many do you have?

    Even smartphones :eek: Time to check Google Play! Well I enjoy more playing on a pc too but I don't spend much time on my laptop so sometimes for me it's better to play on my mobile. And before yo ask no, not a candy crush (and similars) fan xO

    True bro ;w; I got into horror because of my mom, I got used to see horror movies since I was a kid so.. And yeah she is a huge Stephen King fan too! She has some books and I read some too. If you read "It" complete you are my idol :eek:

    Oh don't worry >w< Some days can get busy, as long as you are okay.
    Oh my God that'd be amazing! >w< What place were you thinking on visiting? :eek:

    Well I like to collect stuff, but sometimes the money isn't enough y'know? Here the games are more expensive, for example 3ds games can reach 65$ (iirc that was the SMTIV Special Edition), but usually they are 10/15 more than if you'd get them online. The price of importation and their winnings I guess.. Last thing I really wanted was the Majoras Mask Special Edition (that came with a Skull Kid figure) But it was like 130$ so I had to get the normal edition. But yeah if I could I'd be a sorta collectionist o/

    I will o/

    omg Imma try that game! owo But when it comes to choices it's something I utterly love, seeing to what your choices lead to.. It's simply amazing. Like Silent Hill, or Bioshock. Oh btw I am a die hard horror fan xD Do you like horror?
    My roots could be Pokemon xD I remember playing it for hours in my friends game beofre I got mine hehe.. For rpgs at least, then my horror roots is Silent Hill.
    Oh I am from Paraguay, that small country in the middle of South America. Guess that's why it's called the heart of south america xD

    Wow.. that was lucky! But ye you are right there :/ But guess I like to see my games psychically. And sometimes get bonuses like cds such xD Do you like collecting things?

    That sounds amazing for stress -w- profesional not but I got friends who were willing to do me one once in while and it feels amazing.

    Great c: No regrets should be your motto.

    Omg isnt that the game of the moral choices? I am not sure if I am mistaking it thought If it is I heard amazing things of it, yet didnt okay it because I never watched the whole saga of movies and wasnt sure if I was gonna understand it all.
    Oh I see :eek: We all got roots that led us to our tastes.
    Totally! As long as we can fix and learn ^^)/

    True :U We are too far away and I wanted you to train me >o> Oh if you need money you have to do something xD But why digital copies? To me they are a scam ngl.

    True :C Oh well.. I will get those massagers then xD

    Oh my.. Why did you do that? :c Oh my xDXD

    KotOR? Sorry it doesn't click on me now.. >.<; Ohhhh God Fallout! I love that series! Played all the games? Don't tell me you are a Chrono Trigger fan?? :eek: (Aww.. But Pokémon is always worth mentioning! WHat was your first pokémon game?)
    Of course xD Academically speaking I made a few big ones already not gonna lie. Guess I am really inmature sometimes heh.

    STOP STOP STOP D: There's already the new pmd.. And I wanted a vita. I think imma sell some games. Want to buy me a game? :p

    You lucky xD I don't wanna learn because I can't massage myself.. Well some parts. Or can you?

    WOOOOOT someone else~~ That must have been hard though. I mean going around like that.. Would you have gone through military service if it wasn't mandatory?
    I bet finishing it was really satisfactory c: What didja think of the ending?

    You can say almost all made by Atlus xD Etrian Odyssey, All Shin Megami (Devil Survivor, Persona and etc). I dont play many console games for the record, so no Dragon Age or stuff like that xD What about you?
    Seven years.. o.o; That's almost as much as Medicine and engineering. But if you want to you should go for it o/
    Why say that? it's never too late to study pal, 23 isnt old at all ^^. It's better to think carefully and start at a later age than dive into the first thing you want when you finish school and then dropping it because it wasnt what you expected.

    Yeah, it will be hard to rely on them for everything again. But I can do it ^^)/ I will have to lock down my 3ds and goodbye forums xD; Luckily no Pokemon game is released by those dates

    Then yeah a routine training :eek: 40kg.. That's more than half my weight.. Weren't you sore at all?

    For experience I meant several jobs ^^ You worked in several places already. But yeah what's important is how much you learn. I can't complain at my jobs.. I learned quite some stuff xD Are you happy of the stuff you learned?

    Oh my Bioware.. I love it mostly for the Mass Effect saga. Please tell me you do too ;--;
    I like rpg for the same reasons as you. For me to like a game should have a good story, interesting characters, music and a perfecr development of all the areas of said game. I totally hate when you are left with inconsistent story or plot holes :p Yeah I am that picky hehe.
    Oh not at all ^^ We all know what's best for us. What kinda job are you thinking about?

    I am planning to join the admission test for graphic design this august, to get admitted it's a 4 months course with homework and stuff and in december exams of the 7 or so subjects. The shitty part is for some reason I should take psysics and msths too. I suck at these two.. I am so sfraid of screwing both for the time wasted and money spent (the cost of the course and exams is the equivalent of a salary) not counting bus and materials and any other thing I might need. Mom wants me to stop working for the course, hence why the costs are a problem. I have some saved, I hope that's enough.
    Heh you are right ^^ I can work on that too, I don't have to choose now. I wanna make a loot! (I sound like a kid xD)

    Wow xD Yaay! c: Do you make practices often?

    And can regenerate itself But yeah :3

    In that hell?? >.< (But wow... o_O;; You must have had quite a lot then). Seriously you have a lot of working experience :eek:

    I got a friend just like you, he despises the new games xD I am not much of a fan of ff games but I heard good things of IX and the older ones. If any the world thing could get a bit long (BD I mean) but yeah, overall I loved, the job system, the characters. o/
    If you don't feel and love what you are doing there's no point in doing it, and your job is amazing ^^ You help people! I wanna be graphic designer but sometimes I wanna just make plushes y'know? It's silly I am aware, but I wanna share love with what I do. A plush for a son or a loved one (even if those gift can be a bit old fashiones in this era) :p

    That's great for people with anger issues tho :eek:
    Really? That's good :p I wanted to be Cell xDxD Come on the abilities of all the fighters! Will you watch the new anime season this year?

    You have to be too positive xD We really are good contrast. Well the place is close to my house and the owner knows my mom, and one day talking to her she knew I wanted to work.. And that's it. I've been working there for 1 year and a half now.
    Have you worked in a store before? o.o Or you are talking in a genaral way? Haha douche bags, that made me laugh. But I bet you had your amount of exigent customers too.

    Reminiscence then? I can feel that, I am willing to get some gbc games too, like the zelda games. Ohh not a fan of the last ff installements? :eek:
    It depends where you work though :eek: I mean a school won't be the same as a bank. Are you actually considering that? xD
    No way :c I honestly thought they'd teach more, I mean it shouldn't be all about weapons. At some point you can be without a weapon.
    Awww c: I am not sure if you watched Dragon Ball, but maybe you are kinda like Android 16 :p

    Well sometimes people request gifts and things for events and rush me or get mad at me if they delay a bit, I mean sometimes they have the right to complain but I am not the owner or anything. And well I have to send all the requests and keep track of them so my boss can get them. It can be a pain sometimes xD

    tgc really? omg dont tell me you play tcg online! And yeaaaah Conquest!
    ngl I am waiting for Bravely Second too! Some jobs are crazy tho xD Enjoyed the first game a lot?
    So tall and bulky? And must know something about combat. You must be intimidating! :eek: jk. I see xD Guess things can be diferent from here, or I am a scaredy-cat.. Or crow..

    Well sell all kind of stuff made in mdf and wood -w- The hard (and stresing part) is when people request things.. Those can be a royal pain!

    Excited about the new pmd? owo
    Wow :0 That's quite some money! (the equivalent to one game for each treatment). Isn't it dangerous though? I wouldn't risk myself too much around here, going to strangers houses..

    The best option! o/
    True u.u

    Hmm.. Storekeeper! I can snatch my 3ds once in a while and play or eat or sometimes I can even talk to people, plus there's a painting course too where I have the chance to talk to more people and I take along really well with the teacher. The restaurant on rhe other hand.. I have the cook to talk to, but my boss can be a bit grumpy at times, plus as you know the tip stuff and etc.
    Sorry for the rant >o>
    Well that will be up to you ^^ You should do what's best for you. If you will feel good and will get paid more too.
    Eh working in what you love must be amazing, more than one must be jealous of you. I am too ngl, I am working these two jobs because until I finish any studying I can't do much more you know?
    I wonder how you decided to study that :eek:

    Aw that's so sweet of you c: but sometimes no matter how much you smile and serve, some people is cheap.
    That's the bad part working for someone >o> No matter how much you work, you will have the same salary. I feel ya too well.. Happens to me in the restaurant. Can you ask for a rise or something? :c

    Wow >.< I don't wanna have a Roi zombie.. So I hope no matter how tiring it is you could rest.
    Btw were you able to sleep? :eek:
    Now you know why people don't wanna battle me xD I am the hax (And some trolling) in person.. If riemsianne didn't crit your clefable it'd have sweeped my team in a breeze so not a matter of being rusty.
    I had fun too c: Interested in coming back to competitive? There's the Bulbagarden Battle League here.
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