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  • Not going to now....If it keeps changing it'll eventually get lighter and lighter. It might be silver someday. I'm gonna see where it goes =P
    Psychic are we? It's naturally curly. I was going to change my hair color, but if you notice between photos, my hair is automatically lightening itself. It's darker in my community service photos and lighter now. That photo in the pic thread was me yesterday. Some parts of my hair are already white.
    I'm working for Tree People and the local mountain restoration group....When I turn 16, I'll be able to become a supervisor...
    No, I just finished. Boy, I'm exhausted. It was blindingly hot and uncomfortable outside today. More service tomorrow as well.
    Lol, that's the thing. To me, I would be speaking normally, but to people who aren't as good at English, it sounds like it'd be fast. Same goes with Spanish. Whenever my teacher was talking, she sounded like she was speaking super fast. But she told us, it's because we don't comprehend the language as well as if it's our first and main language. So that's why....

    Now that I think about it, I'm pretty sure tomorrow the pics will be up.
    Oh crap, maybe not....I have more community service =/ Well, I'll see.
    It just is cute :D

    You get used to hearing long and strange words if you speak English long enough. The National Spelling Bee helps a lot....


    So many weird words....

    I wonder, if I spoke English to you (well first of all, you'd think I'd have an American accent, but) do you think it'd sound like I'd be speaking really fast?
    Oh, so you speak French? I speak purely English, although I'm learning more Spanish because it's really helpful in my region. People sound cute when they stumble on words hehe.....If you speak English long enough, you get to learn really large and unusual words like antidisestablishmentarianism and the such.

    Oh a brother? Younger or older? I find it nice to be an only child. It gives me time to contemplate things....The house is always really quiet.
    Aha! I knew you looked French! Do you have an accent?

    Nope, it's just me, myself, and I.

    Btw, once my other comp is off the fritz, I'll be able to finally post some pictures of me(side face) and nature. Mostly nature though =P
    Oooh, There aren't many male Alexis's in the U.S. You look a little French to me...

    Nah, they've just really made me frustrated over the last few years. So now they'll never find out...
    You're name is Alexis? :D

    Well I've officially realized I'm not going to ever tell my parents. They wouldn't care at all, but they've made me so upset lately, they don't deserve to know. Ever....I don't know if I'll ever manage to tell anyone...
    Oh lol. I'll try and post them soon, but I have to upload them from my camera to the computer, and my computer has been a little freaked out lately.....You might see a side-face of me lol. I'm still writing that poem too.
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