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  • You're back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By the way, how do you change your user name? I've been thinking about changing it for a while...
    Did I say that? First of all, sorry for calling you a bitch. Secondly, I do think you sent me a request once, but if you say you didn't then I'll believe you without hesitation.
    Ehh....okay I guess. Last few days have just been really tiring. The icing on the cake over the last week was an article that says that people who are lonely (live by themselves, no family relations, friends, social networks) are likely to die early because apparently loneliness is as deadly as smoking 15 cigarettes a day and as deadly as drinking a bottle of alcohol.
    No, I'm going to be a junior. Grade 11. SAT and ACT upcoming. Hardest year in high school here I come...
    Lmao, why not gym? Easy cred and mark? :p

    Yeah two spares are useless, it's better to take one or even none.

    LOL, babysat the robot, sounds jokes.

    One day you might be the Prime Minister :D

    Ugh English... My teacher hated me for the 5/6 months.
    She would fake smile and all.
    Was it because I was the only black one in the class?
    Who knows lol.

    Oh yeah, I didn't mean we didn't pick our courses yet.
    We did in march as well, but we get our time tables on the first day lol.
    So dumb -.-

    Yeah, same here.
    Things go wrong and courses are full, we all deal with that in the first week lol -.-

    I hate math!
    Lol, same, I'm ok with Trig.

    Lmao, a father :p
    You took it home?

    Yeah, I'm against abortion.

    Over here, it's mandatory to take Religion all 4 years.
    It's boring, but interesting at the same time.

    Yeah, civics and careers is just ridiculous.
    Slept all day heh.

    Yeah, Law seems interesting.
    The tase aspect is dumb, they enforce it much.

    So many avatar changes! I go back to school on September 1st. Exhausting schedule should look something like this:

    0: AP Chemistry (Lecture)
    1 or 2: AP Chemistry (Lab)
    Other classes -
    2: Math Analysis (Pre-calculus)
    3: AP U.S. History
    4: AP Art History
    5: English 3
    6: Spanish 3

    Sigh. It's going to be another long year. This is not my finalized schedule. Zero period is finalized however.
    Haha lmao.
    Well yeah, I'm excited to see everyone and how they changed but, I'm in Gr.12 and it's crunch time :p

    Wow, you already know somewhat of your time table?
    Lucky lol.
    My school is lazy and we get it the first day -..-

    Math, boo. Lol
    I heard parenting is ok, but the baby is annoying lol.
    Religion over here, is a lot of writing :(
    Civics and Careers was pretty chill since we watched movies all the time!
    I heard Law is really interesting, and you learn tactics to outsmart police officers if they try to abuse their power? :p

    Long story....my blog has the first details. I can't tell the whole thing right now, as I have to muster out my cooking abilities and make dinner for my parents. I feel like eating more on the wild side tonight, but I guess steak and chicken casserole pasta will have to do...And is that you in your avatar I see there?
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