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    Generation IV Remake Speculation

    Game Freak is increasingly wanting to diverge away from normative Pokemon games, so I don't think we'll be getting DP/P remakes. We'll probably be getting some Sinnoh comeback, of some sorts, but I think that remakes, right now, are out of the question. They are just too predictable; with the Z...
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    Secrets of the Elite Four...revealed! (Nintendo Dream Interview)

    hence having fallen from grace/a wealthy family, he decided to get into gambling to win money... he also decided to get into promiscuity? perhaps not wearing socks is a sign of grimsley indulging in some foot fetishist's fantasies at the casino ;p
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    Gen V Disapointment

    good idea! i'll go send letters to all those magazines which criticized albums and rated them with low scores! ... no one went around saying, "make a better album since you gave it a poor rating!!!" when allmusic rated an album three stars out of five and criticized it. no one was dumb enough...
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    Gen V Disapointment

    - how they crammed the eastern island with pokémon from other regions: they should have spread old pokémon all over the region, not just in a certain area. - how the gym leaders' pokémon are underleveled compared to the player's pokémon. - how they didn't incorporate new things to do with...
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    The General Anime Discussion Thread

    Re: The General Anime Discussion Thread {Formely 'The Pokemon Anime Marathon'} arrowroot town? pastoria city? looks like they used the same template.
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    Third Version?

    pokémon arsenic ! arsenic is a shade of gray, and it's also a chemical element. though its scientific definition is pretty much irrelevant to the black & white story. but it'd be really interesting to have them make some sort of retcon of the current story. team plasma could release some sort...
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    Localized Names

    Re: English names hmm dent: gregory (grass) pod: fred (fire/red) corn: walter (water) aloe: basia/basimah/regina/aviva (basic/regular/average) arti: grant (ant) kamitsure: tracey (electricity) yacon: roy (erosion) fuuro: wendy/skyla/skylee (windy/sky) hachiku: cole (cold) shaga: --...
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    The Isshu Region in the games

    boredom leads to this, idk.
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    Contest: Bite vs. Faint Attack

    bite. i never use faint attack.
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    New Pokémon Discussion

    Re: Confirmed New Pokémon Discussion emonga would probably be in my top 10. here's my top 5: 1. mamanbou 2. mamepato 3. kurumiru 4. musharna 5. miruhoggu mamanbou looks amazing. {:
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    Gym leaders/ Pokémon League

    near aloe's face:
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    Gym leaders/ Pokémon League

    it doesn't matter whether the rainbow badge has many colours or not; we can clearly see that it's based on a flower. dento's badge, however, doesn't seem to be based on any grass-related thing (a tree, a flower, a plant, etc.). it might though, we just haven't figured it out yet. and as i said...
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    New Pokémon Discussion

    Re: Confirmed New Pokémon Discussion a fetus. =D
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    Gym leaders/ Pokémon League

    so? it's the first gym; it's bound to be easy. dento: yanappu player: pokabu, mamepato dento: water-type player: tsutaja, kurumiru dento: fire-type player: mijumaru you shouldn't have any problems defeating him with these pokémon. they're early pokémon, so you'll get...