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    Do You Like to Wear Shorts?

    I'm wearing them now! But I do prefer jeans :p
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    What are you wearing right now?

    Black shorts and a grey shirt for a high school I didn't go to. Idk why I have it.
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    How's the weather over there? (Vol. 2)

    Sunny and hot. I can't wait to mow tomorrow @[email protected]
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    Last thing you ate/drank before posting in this thread Vol. 2

    Two bagels with cream cheese and water. I find it weird that my toaster has a bagel button, but it does a worse job of toasting than the normal setting.
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    What other website(s) are you on right now? Vol. 2

    Just my URPG stats.
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    How are you feeling today? Vol. 2

    So tired, and I have to get up at 6:30 tomorrow :(
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    Pokemon plushies and figures

    I used to have a giant Snorlax beanbag chair. It was fantastic.
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    More Gyms in Gen VI, Or Is 8 Enough?

    8 is plenty. It'd be great to have another gym league post-e4, but there should only be 8 gyms before you get there.
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    If You Met X (Pokemon) What Would You Do?

    Re: If you were attack by a Garchomp with no weapons/pkmn on you? Pray to Arceus.
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    Pokemon Showdown

    I haven't really used it enough so no, not yet.
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    Pokemon Showdown

    Agreed, it's fun to mix it up. The moving sprites do wonders for making it less monotonous. It's also great that you can import teams from PO.
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    Wi-Fi team, need help building, not completed

    Blaziken: I'd go with Adamant on it instead of Jolly since Speed Boost will give it enough speed to do it's job. Adamant can make the difference between a KO and leaving it with a few HP. Salamence: Adamant would also be best here. -Outrage -Fire Blast -Brick Break -EQ Starmie: No need for...
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    Pokemon Showdown

    It's pretty cool. I still prefer PO, but it's probably because I'm just more comfortable with it. Showdown is something I could definitely get into.
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    Simple Questions / Simple Answers (Gens 1-7)

    Re: Simple Questions / Simple Answers (Gen 5) Nah you should be fine. Just use whatever you want.
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    Do you have a favorite Pokemon on your team?

    I usually try to use them when I can. I had Snorlax and Alakazam on my last Diamond runthrough, and had Scizor on my last HG playthrough.