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  • Continued from last page.

    Boomer: What'd ya do with it?

    Francis: I traded it to this one Lakitu named Lakilester for a super rare, limited edition copy of "The Grodus Chroncils" with commentary from Grodus himeself. Though I don't know where he went.

    Boomer: Great, now what?

    Francis: Weird that we'd do an anime fall, and we're from a video game.

    Boomer: Well, I don't care about that right now. All I want to know is why he is acting so crazy.

    KC: Hey Macerana! (starts dancing the macerana)

    Francis: Well, like every fan knows, the king loves beautiful things. So we just have to find something beatiful, and hopefully, he'll be back to his old self.

    Boomer: Does anyone have anything beatiful on hand?

    Mimi: I've got a rubee.

    Dimentio: I only have Wizardheimer's diary on me.

    Yoshi: I have a watermelon (stuffs it in his mouth)

    Bowser: *picks up Peach* I've got Peach!

    Princess Peach: Put me down!

    Charlie Brown: I've got a rock.

    Boomer: Anything else?

    Francis: Well, I did have a Crystal Berry, said to be one of the most beautiful berries ever.

    Boomer: Great, lets use that!

    Francis: But I don't have it anymore

    *Boomer does an anime fall*
    No i didnt know that
    Wow i just found out on majoras mask you can find a mario mask
    We need to work more on our relationship (Just kidding XD)
    My favortie zelda game was Majoras mask
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