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  • I do know someone else who hates Iris, I don't know why lol, unless its Misty fans angry that she's a copy of Misty

    Tomboy specialising in a type, has irrational fear of another type, keeps her Gym leader identity a secret. (if she is in the anime)
    well, considering that it's out of context, i'm not sure if many people would get it. it's deliberately ambiguous; i know the word's denotation in german and i liked the character in catch-22, so i decided to use it. though it's more so a reference to the colonel than an actual insult, it can be taken either way, i guess!
    haha, thanks. it's a reference to catch-22 and colonel scheisskopf. can't believe it's been a year since i've read that, though. fortunately, i get to read a few parts of it for a fifteen-page essay due this semester.
    Wow I thought I was the only monster hunter fan in this entire website. Well nice to see there is another fan besides me. I will see you later....maybe.
    I have yet to read your latest reply and plan on not doing so, largely because that was two days ago, even if BMGF was down yesterday and would be a weird thread topic necrosomething in a thread that has probably moved on. I doubt it was worth reading anyways.
    Why do you hate Pokémon's current versions? Or do you want Brock back in the anime?(No to the former, but HELL YES to the latter)
    Nice video. The parahax on Scarfty mattered a bit, but you made good decisions throughout the match.

    If you ever have battle videos you'd like to share with others, please to post them in this thread. If the video you post is good enough, it might even be uploaded to the Bulbagarden YouTube channel!
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