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  • Well, my Friend Code is 0002 4455 0481... Do you want a Level 1 Totadile...? Or a Level 1 Torchic... I have too many Torchics. xD
    Oh, no, I'll only have one. xD You see, usually I can trade between Diamond/Platinum, using my brothers DS, but he left it at our Aunts, who lives quite far away... xD But at some point, if I do get a Ditto from you, I should be able to quickly trade it to Diamond and clone it... or just trade all my Diamond Pokémon over to Platinum x3
    You can? Awesome!
    Sadly all I have to offer is starters or a hatched level 1 Spiritomb :c I need one for my Platinum, but all my brilliant trade-ables are on Diamond, but I can't trade between Diamond and Platinum...
    You're right. I always loved the music, environment and pokémon (my favourite is from Gen III) because I just found them to be incredibly well-designed and awesome, but I never really thought of it as refreshing the entire series. I'd hope to see you in the next "Which Gen is better?" debate, lol.
    goodness, it's so rare to find someone who also lists gen 3 as their favorite...
    thanks for standing up for it in the least favorite gen thread!
    Well thanks. :) Yes, I do try to use grammar to the best of my ability; I'm just not very good at it yet. I didn't know that people in your own country are butchering the language, but I guess I shouldn't be surprised. It's TERRIBLE here. I understand that English is difficult even for native speakers, but there's no reason not to even try, and to purposely spell things wrong...

    Okay... I am still not very good with prediction/switching but we'll see how it goes! It'll be nice to discuss strategy with you.

    Congrats on your test! That sounds like rather complex material. Oh, I got my last two "ensayos" back in Spanish and I finally got A's on them!
    Parte tres... :/

    I'll stop butchering your language now and switch back to English to answer your battling question, haha. Sure, we can battle, though I'm letting you know that I'm really not a worthy adversary; I very rarely battle anyone whom I don't know in real life; in other words, it's all casual for me. I know you're a lot more into it than I am from your youtube videos. But I could learn a thing or two from you, so I don't mind, but do you mind teaching a noob? And yes, it would have to be a single battle, as I have no double battle teams at all (but it's something I want to try). As for a time, would 3-4 weeks from now be okay? If you've seen my post in the RMT thread, I need some time to prepare for a really stupid battle that I've been challenged to, and I haven't been playing much Pokemon. Actually, if you can offer me any advice on that, it would be appreciated. Okay, take care!
    ¡Parte dos!

    Lo siento por la tagente. Me siento mal oir de tus conflictos en tu universidad; espero que la situación siga siendo "normalizado." Pero tienes razón, siempre tengo que traducir muchos de tus palabras (no me molesta, me gusta la práctica) y no, "el sistema educativo en México" no es conocido a mí. Al menos, me parece que los problemas en tu vida personál interferían en tus dudas a la universidad, ¿verdad?

    En fin, me gusta que hay buenas notícias - ¡felicitaciones! Espero que tu hermana (¿o tu cuñada?) esté bien en su embarazada (pareces un poco preocupado).
    ¡Me alegra saber de tí! He estado más o menos; hay muchos cambios que ya están ocurriendo en mi vida, o ocurrirán, para bien o para mal. No tienes que pedir disculpas por tu ausencia; entiendo. Pero me pone contenta lo que dijiste, y que te guste (¿se usa el subjuntivo aquí?) bastante para acordarte de mí. :)

    No quiero que te decepcione, pero la verdad es que no he ido muy bien en la escuela. Tengo que estudiar mucho más en español, y participar más en la clase. El problema es que los temas que hemos descutido en clase no me interesan mucho; suelen ser pocos... mmm... superficiales. Sin embargo, no es una excusa para no estudiar. Pero todavía protesto (jaja) - he tenido que ver algunas películas, que en mi opinión, son terribles. Se dijo que la película "Como Agua Para Chocolate" fuera muy importante al cine mexicano, pero no puedo entenderlo; fue horrible. ¿La has visto? ¿Qué piensas? ¿Cuales tipos de las películas te gustan?
    ¡Hola! ¿Cómo has estado? Hace mucho tiempo que no vengo aquí, pero veo que es igual por tí. Creo que tuve un mensaje de tí y yo no respondí; lo siento. :(

    No te gustará, pero no he practicado español. Y no es bueno, porque ¡empiezo las clases otra vez en dos semanas!

    En fin, espero que estés bien, y que juegues Pokemon todavía. :)
    Oh that's a shame. If you ever get one let me know. Still, I don't need Roost. Have anything else?
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