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  • Are your Eevees non-hacked? If so then I'll gladly give you Roost for a careful one that knows Wish.

    -Shiny Larvitar(♀): Brave Nature, caught with Luxury Ball, bad IV's (7-13-4-2-5-11), can have a nickname.
    -Rattata Lv. 1 with Counter/Flame Wheel/Last Resort/Reversal, Jolly Nature, 31 of IV in Attack or Speed, both genders, several of them.

    I can make hold the following items to the above Pokémon:
    -Micle, Custap or Jaboca Berries.
    -Shiny, Dawn, Dusk, Thunder, Fire or Sun Stones.
    -Helix, Dome, Root, Claw and Skull Fossils.
    -TMs 51, 76 or 86 (up to 2 of each one)."

    Are you offering those for only heart scales? If so, I have a lot that I don't use, and would gladly trade for those pokemon.
    Why do you want to be my friend? Not that I don't like you, I just don't know you. I don't befriend people just because they ask everyone.
    No, pero estoy aprendiendo. Todavía no lo entiendo bien. Tomé frances por cuatro años en la escuela secondaria, y me lo arrepiento, especialmente porque no puedo hablarlo tampoco. :p Suelo leer las traducciónes españoles en productos para practicar.

    I'm sorry if I'm offending you by writing in your language, which I'm not very good in. How'd you learn English so well?

    That would be great if you wanted to clone the Lugia for me. And you're right, I wouldn't clone it myself or give it away. I find the GTS cloning trick too risky, and besides, I wouldn't clone something that someone gave me if they didn't want me to. That would also be awesome if you wanted to give me a shiny Chikorita - I assume you're relying on the RNG for that too? I totally suck at pinpointing that... I think it may have something to do with my computer lagging ever so slightly once in a while during the countdown.
    Duh, I should have thought of that. That would explain why most of the Nintendo games I buy have English/Spanish/French in the manuals. I do usually read the Spanish sections. They're very inconsistent with tu/usted, I've noticed. :p

    Well, I'd gladly trade you one of my shiny Beldums for a clone of your Lugia, but I understand if you don't want to clone it (or if it's too late). Hmm, since you have Platinum, why not go for something that can only be chained in Platinum?
    Wow, nice. I'm no good at abusing the RNG as I've found out, haha. Even so, I have no way of finding out my hidden ID, so therefore no way of knowing where my shiny spreads would be. That's so cool that you were able to get a completely legit shiny Lugia, ticket and all.

    Ahh, you're from Mexico? I hope this doesn't sound like a dumb question, but you don't have a Spanish language version of Diamond/Pearl, do you? I have no idea how to go about getting Spanish Pokemon for the foreign dex entries (and I hear the foreign entries apply to all Pokemon in Platinum, not just a select few like in Diamond/Pearl).

    Ahh, you chain? I recognized your username, so I've probably seen you post in the shiny thread before. You should post more often!
    Thanks very much for your help. Let me know if there's ever anything you need.

    By the way, how'd you get a shiny Lugia? I'm envious!
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