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    New Pokémon Discussion

    Re: Gen V Starter Discussion Oh yeah, totally real! You can tell because they aren't in any way similar to the silhouettes!
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    New Pokémon Discussion

    Re: Gen V Starter Discussion Like I said in the other thread, I can't make out any details on this one other than a line between the ears. The other two I can make out eyes and such:
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    New Pokemon Starters Leak

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    Pokémon Sunday and Oha Suta Discussion Thread

    Re: Pokemon Sunday Discussion Thread I can see a cat-like face, arms, and a floater/collar on the right one. On the left I can see a beak and an eye. Only "detail" I could make out on the top is the line/distinction between it's ears. Spent a few seconds in PS to outline them:
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    New Pokémon Discussion

    Re: Gen V Starter Discussion Left: Bird, Grass Top: Cop Pig, Fire Right: idunnolol, Water
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    Possible Ruby and Sapphire Gen V: Official Discussion and Speculation thread

    I don't really post often, get into any discussions, etc. But I do lurk around often enough, and I've seen your posts. I know this is pretty off-topic, but I just have to ask. Whats with all the time-travel related shit? Is it your fetish or something? Also, I'd rather replay the RSE. Not...
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    Favorite Starters

    First stage: Gen I: Charmander Gen II: Cyndaquil Gen III: Treecko Gen IV: Chimchar Second stage: Gen I: Ivysaur Gen II: Quilava Gen III: Grovyle Gen IV: Prinplup Final stage: Gen I: Blastoise Gen II: Feraligatr Gen III: Swampert Gen IV: Torterra
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    The (Un)official Nickname My Pokémon Thread

    Re: Help a bro out. Seriously? No suggestions?
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    Most unexpected powerhouse

    My Raticate in FireRed actually kicked a lot of ass.
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    Gender-specific Sprites

    I'd rather they actually make gender differences noticeable, and give more species these differences. Or hell, why not just do all of them? This would also be nice. Also, while this is kinda off topic, perhaps they can introduce more shiny variants with some being more common than others. I...
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    The (Un)official Nickname My Pokémon Thread

    Help a bro out. Quilava (Male, Quirky) Elekid (Male, Sassy) Honchkrow (Female, Naive) Any suggestions?
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    Black & White Speculation Contest - Week 1: Region

    I don't really have any reasons for thinking why it could be here. Just a feeling.
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    Who is the hottest gym leader?

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    Possible Ruby and Sapphire Gen V: Official Discussion and Speculation thread

    Re: Remakes in the 5th generation I really, REALLY don't think GameFreak expects people to transfer their 'mons from RSE/FRLG to DPPT/HGSS and again to BW. I doubt Gen 5 will have all that dual-slot shit that Gen 4 did, either. So if that's the case, DPPT/HGSS would be absolutely required to...
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    Deoxys: Life Forme

    No. No more fucking forms. Of anything. Ever.