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  • i love it when one of my rare babies follow me in HG,.. i have MEW now so she is following me around <3
    i'm not that into black and white... since no pokemon is following you.. :(

    i love playing pokemon games and tryingt o get all the pokemon
    cool... i have heartgold, soulsilver, black and white and pearl.... i am getting platimun soon :D and was thinking of getting daimond
    Ah, don't worry about it. I received two warnings in my first few months here. Then I learned what to do and what not to do :p I've been good ever since (err, except for one last warning xD but then I was good).
    No infractions thus far :D

    Also, if you think you need some help, check this out :)
    A visitor message, or vm, is a message on your profile. Just like a private message is one sent to you privately.
    What's up? :D
    I noticed that you doubled posted in this thread. I have edited it so that they are a single post, but remember that you can only post once in a row. If you want to quote multiple people, click the "Multi Quote this Message" on the relevant messages you want to quote, and then reply, which will cause all the posts you quoted to appear. Normally there will be an infraction if you double posted this way, but since you're new, I will let it slide and do it for you for the first time. Next time, you need to learn it or else there will be an warning or infraction for the same offence.

    That's it for now.
    do you have only black??

    i have mine on my HG game.... love to have them to follow me :D
    want to know my lucario's moveset?

    shiny lucario
    aura sphere
    force palm

    dragon pulse
    close combat
    aura sphere
    i have a lucario named Sir Aaron <3 got him as a egg by Riley... on my platimun game :D i also have a shiny lucario :D
    good for you... :D your avatar is Riley... and he owns a Lucario... one of my most favorite pokemon ever!!!!!

    Riley and Sir Aaron is 2 of the most coolest anime character i know....
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