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  • If you don't want me bugging you in VMs just lemme know. But for now, I will let you know that after a week past when I said it would happen, a new chapter of "Plans Better Laid" is out. Decided to split the chapter up into two parts as it would have been upwards of five thousand words had I not.

    So, as the only person who's professed to actually reading it so far, what's your opinion on chapter length? Should cuts like this happen with longer chapters or keep all of the original events intact and have one super-long one?
    That...is an odd error. I'm not sure why that would be happening. I'm currently bogged down with IRL issues, so it may be a while until I can track down what might be causing this issue. I'm presuming it's got something to do with the use of fullstops in your group name though.
    Your sig is pretty damn sweet :)

    Check out these "epic" pictures.
    Giovonni and his pokemon
    Red and his pokemon

    They aren't pretty but pretty cool.

    Here, check this out. I loved this video because of the animation/voice acting.
    Think you caught' em all? Think again.

    Peace out
    Hmm. Good idea. I'm moving up to Uni soon so everything's a bit crazy right now but I'll probably start work on that next week some time.
    That's a great idea and something we discussed before.

    The only issue is that that's an incredibly time consuming task (I did for the nominations for the Summer Awards and it took a few hours), most of the mods are pretty busy at the moment (what with the new academic year having just started in most countries) and no one wants to get half way through it and take a break because that would look worse.
    Don't worry about it.

    Anyway I wanted to know if you could read my story called Welcome to Our World.
    Hey, ma brother from another mother!! Wassup?

    I got alot of new things happenin' and I can't wait to tell ya about 'em. ;)
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