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  • hi, if u want to see an example of a crossover fic, have a look at this: Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney:The Puzzling Turnabout Chapter 15, a Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney and Professor Layton crossover fanfic - FanFiction.Net

    here, I have combined ace attorney and professor layton
    I finished the sixth gym leader. Damn it Saif, how could you get sick of it? It the best pokemon game yet!
    I suppose Gallade not being capable of learning Drain punch is a disaster you , but not to some of us. Plus, I'm planning on capturing and training all the pokemon I didn't catch and then go Wi-Fi
    I got something to tell ya...
    You're lucky I didn't tap dance on the ashes! LOL
    Oh and Jinoga is the flagship monster for Monster Hunter Freedom 3.
    Its a wolf basicly. It Jinouga but the name was taken, so I made like Zekurom and changed the name for originality
    Hey hey! I just advertised your fic! How wouldn't want an almost flame war at thier thread! Think about it, angry mods, angry fanboys and fic reviewers from across the internet! Bans, warnings, infractions, trolling and flaming! We're going places, my man!
    Sound like a name for a divorced guy hiding from his viking wife.
    How about... Sai?
    Is that all you think about? God... No I haven't. I've been too busy arguing with angry fanboys and mods.
    Hows it hanging?
    I have to go now so don't bother replying...
    I gotta hit da sack... see ya at school
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