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  • Well realistically speaking no one would legit call themselves Kingpin xD I don't think Whipslash called himself that in Iron Man 2 either xD I felt bad that the woman got scared away :c must be sad being the leader of a multimillionairre underground criminal organization.

    That was the only one mostly xD at least for me

    Takeo is a superhuman xD
    You mean Kingpin :p tbh his characterization is completely different to the Kingpin I'm use to seeing xD both from the old spiderman cartoons and the Daredevil movie, though I liked Duncan as Kingpin :c if only cause it was a pretty interesting choice.

    I actually had to turn away from the screen for a moment xD;

    Also thoughts on Oremono?
    Uh...well I'm only on episode 4 but so far I haven't really connected with any antagonists xD mostly because so far they've been bureocrats or demented psychopaths (like the bastard from episode 3)
    Do you ahve enough writing prompts to last you the two weeks? xD

    Well I'm glad for you then :p means you can write a whole lot more now xD

    Mind giving the torrent to me?
    Isn{t there already a writing prompt thread though? :p

    You can write songs? that's pretty good xD I only tried writing a song once but I think it sucked really badly.

    Damn you lucky bastard getting to have Netflix there probably ;c I don't know how I'll be able to watch it.
    Well I guess he feels that it won{t work as well if he tells him straight out? I dn{t know I'm sure the story will tell us eventually xD

    So how's life been?
    Well I guess that's true, still htere were some I really liked xD

    Tbh I'm not too sure if it's really a triangle xD Suna's actions can be taken as either him being in love with Yamato as well or him supporting Takeo, at least he clearly understands what's going on unlike Takeo.
    Fate's ben pretty good, though I think episode one of the second season could've been a better season finale and Ass Class is doing awesome so far, though I'm sad they've taken out a lot of chapters and mini arcs focusing on the other students.

    Fine :p it's actually one that I really liked. And I also recommend Blood Blockade Battlefront, it's byt he guy that created Trigun and it's awesome as hell :eek:
    I thought we meant ongoing :p I didn't count completed ones on my count though I've been going slow on those. And I'm watching

    Blood Blockade Battle front (for the awesome western new york feels)

    Shokugeki no Soma (cause I love the manga)

    Nagato Yuki Chan (cause I liked Haruhi)

    Plastic Memories (cause it's the guyt hat did Steins:Gate)

    Yamada and the7 witches (cause I LOVED the manga)

    Baby Steps season 2 (cause Tennis is fucking awesome)

    The Legend of Arslan (cause interesting, I kind of wanna watch the ovas now )

    Fate Stay Night UBW (cause I watched the first season so why not)

    Mikagura HIgh School Suite (....it was a random pick but I like the art and it has an openly lesbian female character as it's sole protagonist so interesting)

    Ore Monogatari (The manga was never translated too far along and it's honestly a really adorable love story)

    Ass Class (cause Ass Class)

    Jojo (cause Jojo)

    I think that's all.
    Yeah, maybe too many actually xD; I'm watching 14 anime right now and somehow managed to divide my school and watching time.
    You shameless troll you :p

    Fine, I'll judge it's level of worthiness then :p

    Yeah that's kind of why I do it.

    I guess maybe the unknown factor of whether she liked him or not and why she did and stuff was the main point? xD I don't know, either way the episode still made me cry ;-;
    That's a bad habit man :p it's a really bad habit :p

    Fine I guess it's true since you watched Haikyuu xD so then Tokyo Ghoul should be next when you have some time for it :p

    I still feel like it'll be the same for me to read it xD but I'll see what I can do once I get some more time to myself

    That'll be a world record!

    Well I guess part of the mystery was always Kaori's story xD I knew she loved him from the start of the series though but I can kind of understand why she didn't want to show it after seeing the last ep, I mean it's sad but it's not like her telling kousei how she felt from the start and getting into a relationship would've done anything if she was already dying. I do agree that giving us more hints of her backstory would've helped though.
    I just saw itlike two weeks ago for the first time myself xD I've been debating to see it for years.

    I don't think you can just blame it all on it being a shonen anime though :p some shonen anime are still amazing lke One Piece and Yu Yu Hakusho was a shonen too. But really what do you think they should've done then? I mean they did focused on developing the character's issues and focusing on them properly and I think that atleast Kosei's character was handled well enough for me to like him. And really it's not like a story shouldn't have plot at all either, I mean I feel it's a little unfair to blame it all on the genre when really if you don't focus on the problems that the characters go through AT ALL it'll just get boring eventually.

    Parasyte's focus is only on Shinichi :p most of the other characters in that series bore me, I particularly don't like the way it handles female characters but I attribute that to the fact it's from the late 80s-early 90s. And I don't know, I like the middle part with Ryoko the most and I do think the last third is interesting in that you wonder how they'll eal with it all but I think that the plot twist they tried to do with Hiraoka could've been handled a little better to me.

    Yeah I had that thought too but it feels a little too predictable...then again...80s and 90s.

    If you want a show that focuses al ot on the characters and such I still recommend Tokyo Ghoul, though it's second season more than the first since it focuses on the characters more.

    You're wayt o slow :p
    Oh I'm watching Durararax2 as well xD it's been really interesting, if a little slower when it comes to story progression a bit? I feel like this season is more a transition for what th elater sason will have probably. Izaya's a bastard.

    Hey I like Your Lie in April D: it's made cry a couple of times already even if the story is predictable at its core. I never really got inerested in Non Non Biyori, seems like too much moe to me.

    What have you thought of the last third of Parasyte? I feel like it's kind of lower than the first two larger arcs but I'm really intrigued on how Shinichi will defeat Gotou by himself.

    It's okay, I manged to get sometime off last night, just don't expect me to have time to read anything till next tuesday xD
    What have you been watching lately? :p

    I know :p I got the PM, still haven't seen it since I've been too busy. And I've always wanted to keep it going, I still have all the ideas I had before xD it's just that before things got a little too busy and I ended up unable t keep it up like I wanted to.
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