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  • Well I've been watching a lot xD more than I should probably >.<

    I haven't been able to write lately sadly :C school's been killing me. Though I've aso been thinking of going back to Gemini:Requiem.
    Sorry if I got a little too heated >.< just it's been something that's been bothering a lot lately...it wouldn't exactly be the first time someone's insinuaited (prettu sure I blundered that word) that.

    I don't mind it being challenging as long as I know where I can start from.
    >->You know I really hate it when people get all "why don't you love programming you asshole" with me, it's not that I don't like it just that there's like a ton of things I'd rather do :p like write or watch anime or play games, youknow, things that don't make me want to lam a computer against a wall and make me feel like I'm a dumbass.
    Yeah I know Code Academy, I mean it does help in learning how to use each aspect of the language but not for the particular exercises I have to do and the three projects I was tasked with >.<
    Well gee you know what that makes me feel :p it makes me hate you just a little more. It's not hat web design isn't fun but...ugh php is just way too much of a pain to remember especially when I combine it with HTML and SQL.
    Good, suffering with web design and other classes right now >-< they're a pain in the ass.
    Yes the third one will be the last one xD good call. Well whether it's okay or not actually depends on me, I'm going to try my best to make it accesible to anyone without them having to read the previous two, it worked with the second one at least.
    Actually it was meant to come off as a play from the start xD even the way the series is spread out works by different acts if you think about it, I also found it perfect that one of the swords were guns since originally guns were treated as the next stage of swords in japan xD

    Okay dude :p calm your pants down.

    Yeah but it seems like a big change xD either way I'm gonna watch it and the movie.

    Watch it!

    All right, let's make it a deal then :p

    If I manage to get this story done quickly I will try to start the third part up around february if possible.
    Tbh I'd still prefer the manga xD there's a lot of anime I wanna watch right now with so little time >-< so I feel like it'll be best if I just read it.

    Oh Katanagatari was so sad ;-, well...not really sad but the ending was sad xD I watched it with my girlfriend and we both were shocked when Togane died (though she kind of spoiled herself) but it was really good, though the first two episodes were really slow but I'm familiar with the original author's work and all his works are very very wordy.

    That one that is really really old and really really long :p it has a prequel? xD

    I think it's cause of a lot of things one of my friends was mad that they pretty much changed Mika's personaliy from the first season, considering she seems to be in love with Sybil to the point of ignoring anything else when the old Mika seemed a lot more straightforward and thought for herself back during her high school days.

    Oh you should check out Parasyte if you like gore :p it is the shit and Tokyo Ghoul too.

    You said that last year D:

    Well the second part xD but yes I am, after that I'll start the third installment.
    I thought I had replied, sorry xD

    ive heard nothing but praise about space brothers xD I'll probably just read the manga when I have some more time.

    btw, are you still liking psycho pass 2? I haven't seem it yet but I've heard people's opinions have been more on the wall than the first season.

    I've been doing good! I finally got a vacation after so long so I've been watching anime and writing xD I'm almost done with my fic.
    It wasn't so bad...but compared with Fate/Zero it was xD and I liked the UBW movie mostly cause I like that plotline a lot better, I think it brings out more of the characters at least in regards to Shirou and Rin. Well if you liked Kiritsugu then you're bound to like Archer since he's more of an aloof and more sociable version of him xD I do agree that at least character wise Fate/Zero is better (nothing like Waver and Iskander for me though) And hey, shows that can be put into simple words can sometimes go a long way :p but I mostly have liked it so far because it looks...prettier for lack of a better word, plus it kind of delves into the characters a little more, though Rin has always been my fave.

    That and it's nice seeing Saber with a Master that actually remembers she exists, though I still laughed when she realized how different Shirou is from his dad xD

    I started watching Ao Haru Ride...I watched about 6 episodes and then dropped it, not cause I didn't like it, just that I was watching a lot of anime and it hadn't grasped me quite like other shows. Yes I loved Psycho Pass and Kogami xD I originally watched it cause of the script writer (same writer as fate/zero's novel) and cause of the character designer who was the artist for one of my favorite shonen series of all time. But yeah it was a really deep story in my opinion and hey...gotta get those violent points :p nothing drives a point home more than that though I've heard season 2 is more violent (probably due to a change in script writer)

    It's only got 5 episodes so far so it shouldn't be too tough xD it's nothing too deep or anything but it's a fun watch if you want to just relax and enjoy a show with a lot of action and characters compelling enough to carry the action at least so far.
    Oh F/SN UBW has been awesome xD I ilke it a lot more than I liked the first fate stay night, mostly because this one is being done as if it was Fate Zero's sequel mostly...well that and the fact they made Shirou a hell of a lot more likeable than in the games.

    I know which one is Ookami but I don't really like it, I don't really like that type of romance story xD the guys are always the same though I've read that it kind of deconstructs those cliches and Psycho Pass I still haven't been able to check out :c

    Oh you should watch Rage of Bahamut, it's really awesome and it feels like a hollywood movie with the animation style xD it's about a bounty hunter that gets roped in by a demon lady into helping her free a Dragon that will destroy the world...it's a lot cooler than it sounds.
    Yeah, after I posted that message I felt like I was asking too much xD and yeah the fact that it ended was amazing.

    I was surprised too xD like I didn't think Ging would be given the role of the Pig and in the end it did kind of matched his personality, like in general I expected Ging to be more like Yusuke from yu yu hakusho...and in a way he kind of was an older version of him though not as cheerful. I also loved Paristone and Cheadle xD

    I did like th efact that the anime at least ended it where Gon met Ging, like just forget everything else, I mean like all the other elements that at first make you think 'aren't this plotholes' like the plot with the spiders or Gyro can just be summed up by saying that the story was about Gon meeting Ging and his journey, whether all those problems were resolved or not didn'tmatter and in the end...well that's closer to real life in a way, I mean not everything that happens to us in our lives is going to get closure. I'm sorry if you want to kill me for this cause it is a spoiler xD but as far as th emanga has gone (which isn't much from where the anime leaves off) it seems like this is the end of Gon's journey.

    Oh my god I shed so many tears when Alluka and Killua had that last emotional moment xD and of course when Killua and Gon said goodbye as well. But yes, Madhouse outdid itself with HxH, though they usually give good animation to their shows.

    Ehhhh....maybe in like 20 years xD the manga restarted and then went back on hiatus cause togashi got back pain.
    Well I only just started and today I'm taking a break xD cause 4 days in a row is enough for a one day break imo.

    I watched the episode during my lunch break at work and had to hold back the desire to cry xD. Also if you wanna talk about HxH I have a few questions for you :p

    First, what did you think of the Zodiacs and the way the whole arc panned out? and what did you think about Leorio coming back and Ging and Gon finally meeting after so long xD and of course there's Killua and Alluka.
    Relatively alive. I passed all my classes for this term xD though I've been working out so I've been really tired.
    Yeah, Leorio's return was really really big xD he's really good friend, plus I think his reaction was justified considering GOn's situation and the fact that while Ging is cool and all he's an asshole as well xD
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