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  • Oh yeah you have no idea how good it's going to get, mainly because by my estimte there should be only 7-8 episodes left in the Chimera Ants arc so we're entering the final stretch.

    You already heard two of the ideas I'll be passin, hell you read one of them :p I'm still gonna send them over at least to remind youof it cause the last time I showed you them was last year, the third one is a new one I came up.
    You should rewatch it even if it' weird as fuck xD

    I can imagine, I've been having a lot of trouble the other way around, trying to keep up with so many anime made me lose track of all the shows I watch xD I do know Person of Interest though, it seems pretty cool and I did watch a couple of eps but I never got to properly sit down and watch it seriously.

    You should try Baby Steps or Haikyuu if you like to watch sports anime every once in a while xD
    It's coming back in june actually xD

    Oh you haven't seen it well...it might sound rude but the episode was really...flamboyant to put it in good terms.
    Yeah one tends to forget that times xD

    Not just dead, he looked like a zombie xD

    Yeah I guess Gintama would make a lot more sense in an anime forma since character's speaking and all makes it easier asopposed to having to read walls of text after walls of text xD And yeah I understood what you meant in regards to how you were gonna base it off.
    That had to suck.

    It was a good fight. Though this arc left me a bit on the middle in regards on how to feel, like neither the humans nor the ants were exactly completely evil or completly good. And the last episode with Netero actually did creep me that fuck out in the end xD

    ...pls tell me there isn't going to be a lot of nonsensical dialogue. I like Gintama, I do, but the last few chapters have made me think of just taking a break on it an waiting till later simply cause of the fact the story is moving so slowsy and I CAN'T TAKE HOW MUCH THE CHARACTRS TALK ABOUT THINGS I DON'T CARE ABOUT >_< it's probably just me but it does get tiresome when it's done in manga format.
    I can tell you right now the chimera ants arc is not going to end how you would expect it to to begin with :p but there is one mor awesome fight coming up courtsy of our friend Gon, but that's all I can tell you :p

    Oh :eek: then I'll be waiting to see what you can come up with :p
    I still have to watch it sadly xD but I do remember that fight and yeah it was awesome, the outcome of it was a bit sad but also unpredictable.

    So how have you been?
    Have you been watching HXH? it is awesome xD and the manga is coming back.
    Don´t be too rouh xD

    Well if you can do it without the splinter then I don't see why not, but if it' s necessary I can also undersand how bothersome it can be when you want to write something and have to write something else instead.

    Sure, I don't mind xD It might take me a day or so depending on when you have it ready though.
    Then he must be ashamed. And I thought the same thing actually, I mean by this point it's pretty much just a rebroadcast minus the filler, I would've liked a total remake even if it means changing the animation, just cause even among 90s anime Dragonball's wasn't exactly top notch.

    What was that thing you showed me like two years ago again?
    Well at least they didn't fail on that end xD but yeah names and such can be a bit annoying at times, I only watched a few episodes of the second season of the anime since I've only read the manga but for one thing they actually got some of the official names for the places and characters wrong in the subs.

    You are old man :p I watched the new season of Kai yesterday and while I did feel nostalgia part of me thought the animation could've been cleaned and updated just a little.

    Well quick warning it is...bizarre xD I'm still on the first arc which is apparently the worst arc by popular demand but I do hear that it gets better as it goes, I think it's one of those stories that improves once it starts to find its place.

    First you say finaly and then in the next setence you say it might take a while >: and weird, I thought you had written some of it already.
    Oooooh, good choice, for both of them :eek: Magi is an awesome anime I mean it's got a tone of adventure and action whil also diving into the political aspects and psychological aspects of its world. Of course it kind of lost the Arabian Nights sense it had at the start but it's a good trade off xD

    Yu Yu Hakusho isn't as deep as say HxH even though they're by the same actor but it's definetily a more grounded and serious shonen fighting anime than the usual.

    I myself started watching the anime for Jojo's Bizarre Adventures a couple of weeks ago, I got strangely interested in it.

    Other than that I finally started writing again, I'm trying to write a new chapter for my academy fic and have also been thinking of reviving Gemini.
    See thing is, I saw it when I was on my ipod, but it gets kind of bothersome to type there so I told myself I would reply to it later but when later came I kind of forgot xD; sorry
    Damn it, I forgot to reply to this before xD

    But I do think you have a pretty good point in essence.
    Actually you're probably a good person to ask. In your opinion when compared to western media where do you think anime fails. See, I'm a big anime fan but I know that there are a lot of things with good western shows or at least ones that I like that anime could use some help with in order to get better, hell one of my favorite shows of all time is Avatar Last Airbender which I consider is a good blend of both eastern and western tropes. Which also relates to anime as well as a lot of anime that have close ties to western cultures tend to become more popular internationally, maybe japan's just weird like that.
    I know about it, I know what it's about but I've never actually seen it myself xD sometimes I feel ashamed to call myself an anime fan cause I've watched a lot of anime or read manga that people normally don'te ven hear about but I've never watched a lot of the more iconic ones.
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