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Recent content by Safe

  1. Safe

    EVERYONE: What Do You Listen To While You Write/Draw?

    @LightningTopaz That's so true about Fairy Tail. I've come to hate the anime, but the music is actually really good. Thanks for reminding me.
  2. Safe

    Writers' Workshop General Chat Thread

    So like a mixture of Brave Bird and Head Smash.
  3. Safe

    Writers' Workshop General Chat Thread

    Isn't that what the anime did. The anime was never really limited to the moves in the game. Combo moves, or hybrid moves aren't original until you give them a new name like the example you just gave with Aerodactyl. In the end it's all about creativity. On the other hand - and just like the...
  4. Safe

    POPULAR: Plot Bunny Zoo

    @AceTrainer14 I mean it really depends on the laws you set for your fanfiction. FEAR Rattata only work because the game is turn based, so you would have to apply that law to your fanfic universe. As for well-tailored Smeargle, I don't see why that wouldn't work in any fanfic, in fact if it's...
  5. Safe

    EVERYONE: What Do You Listen To While You Write/Draw?

    Pokemon game soundtracks on a loop. Depending on the scene or location I'll change it up. So if it's a battle, it'll be battle music. If I'm doing a scene in a particular city then I'll listen to the soundtrack of that city.
  6. Safe

    POPULAR: Fic Advertisement Thread

    Heart Swap Chapter One Probably the first fanfiction I've written and plan to commit to writing, check it out!
  7. Safe

    TEEN: Heart Swap

    Okay, so I've been a long time lurker here in the writers's workshop. I had been planning out this awesome saga for a really, and I mean REALLY long time. And finally I decided that I'm just going to write something new instead... sorry. The only thing I came up with for this story is the...
  8. Safe

    Writers' Workshop General Chat Thread

    I think they were just building up for the whole 20th anniversary thing. I've suspected that they would release a new gen soon, mostly because there weren't many in gen 6 to begin with. After gen 5, it seems like they've been trying to bring it back to the older gens. First mega evos, and now...
  9. Safe

    TEEN: Pokemon Academy Year III: Childhood's Ripperoni

    Alright, I'm back from my long nap, and just in time for school apparently. Okay, so I haven't read the first two installments in the series, so I do have a question or two. In chapter 1 you mention that Miko is a "Perfect"? Also, I'm unfamiliar with most of the characters, and other than the...
  10. Safe

    EVERYONE: Higher Dimensions of Thought

    So I published this thing I wrote recently to a site called Medium. Which is like the long form version of twitter. I thought I'd publish it here as well, since I'd love to discuss it. So, give it a quick read if you have the time and tell me what you think. Just don't overthink it. Link to the...
  11. Safe

    Trying to create theme song for series. Any ideas?

    When writing song lyrics, I found that writing the Chorus of the song first and then filling out the rest of the song in parts between the chorus, while following the the theme I have in mind really makes thing easier.
  12. Safe

    TEEN: Crossover Battles (Cynthia Carter v. Steven Stone)

    Re: Crossover Battles This is a great idea. I loved the battle, even if it was between two little bugs in the forest. I look forward to the next installments.
  13. Safe

    How Do You Write Your Chapters?

    You know, it's weird for me. I mean I haven't written anything with chapter format for a while, but when I do write, generally I plan ahead. I found though, that when I wing it, the result is a lot better. I do have a big picture in mind, and an end goal usually, but not always. However, I try...
  14. Safe

    Summer Awards 2014: Official Nominees and User Voting

    I don't usually vote ... but these guys deserve it. Best Newcomer: Rediamond; Best Reviewer: Elysia; Best Contributor to the Written Word: Beth Pavell;
  15. Safe

    TEEN: The Long Walk

    Well this was a great chapter, well worth the wait. In fact, considering the content, I think it was a good idea to write the prequel before this chapter, it put things in perspective when it comes to Josh and girls. I loved the captain's dialogue, it felt smooth and authentic, and I very much...