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  • Ok Well HAPPY NEW YEAR, and I Got some Good News!! :) Yesterday I Saw... Maze Runner: The Death Cure, FINALLY OUT, AND FINALLY SAW IT and... MY DOOMSDAY THOUGHTS DID NOT COME TRUE!!!!!!!! This Film IS AWESOME!!! :) Pretty much 75% of the Film has Taken On the Action Film, it's pretty much a Full Fletched Action Film now. It was GREAT! A- :)
    That's Good. :) Trailer Looked better then Last One, still SCARED for this Film, but Looking forward to it.
    That's Fine. I haven't Played much TBH... :( I'm Slow. Just Feel like Playing the Sloe Game.

    It's WEIRD! Either the Episodes are SLOW on Plot, OR FAST AND RUSH through Plotline like this.

    Well... THIS IS A MUCH BETTER TRAILER!!! :) Maze Runner Death Cure! www.youtube.com/watch?v=leFSYkUAaAw :)
    Besides that, how are U doing as of Late? :) Saw Pixar's Coco and it was AMAZING!!! :) And what have U thought of SM Episodes as of Late?
    YEP!! Madea's OUTSTAYED HER WELCOME IMO!! I was at the Movies Tonight and I ACTUALLY POSED In Front of the Poster with just a DISTRAUGHT ANGER Face because I WANTED to for the HECK OF IT LOL!! :) And it Makes Me SAD that this Sequel is going to Make ALMOST $30 MILLION THIS WEEKEND AT THE BOX OFFICE!!!!!!!!! BETTER Films DESERVE THIS LOVE like Blade Runner 2049 and Marshall!!! :(
    NO! December would be the WORST POSSIBLE TIME! 3 Words, The Last Jedi! Maze Runner would have NO CHANCE AGAINST STAR WARS!!!!!! I KID U NOT! UNTIL A Week Ago... I THOUGHT this Movie was STILL Coming Out in February like it was Planned to. I THINK it was supposed to Open Against the Final Fifty Shades Of BULLSHIT Film, but decided to NOT go AGAINST that OR Marvel's Black Panther. So End of January they have to Take.
    And the Other Minor Issue... is the January Release. That's the DUMPING GROUND of HollyWood. BUT, Again, I'm LOOKING FORWARD to it VERY MUCH! I am. I just think there are SO LITTLE Fans Left of this Franchise that Care. But we'll see. Me, U, TG, and my Friend are REALLY EXCITED, and I'm going to Give my DAMN BEST to Give the BEST THOUGHTS on the Film. I WANT it to be Great, Truly!
    And the 2 Other Problems. Well one is Minor but still I'll Go Over it. But the MAIN ONE, Young Adult Novels into Movies... they've Pretty much DIED! :( Hunger Games Ended on a WEAK Note, Divergent was STONED TO DEATH pretty much and is supposedly still REDUCED to be made into a TV Movie. It's just they've all Died, NO ONE CARES for this stuff anymore.
    YES! This IS the LAST ONE! I thought it looked Good. But I'm Scared! HERE'S WHY! As I JUST SAID to TG, FOX made the ABSOLUTE RIGHT DECISION on STOP Filming to let Dylan O'Brien Recover, Otherwise U'll have ANGRY MOBS UPSET Over it. But... I think it's TOO LATE for this Film. Like... DOES ANYONE CARE ANYMORE!!?!??!?! I know WE ARE! HELL, my Best Friend is REALLY HYPED for this Film too.
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