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  • OH SNAP! I COMPLETELY FORGOT ABOUT NINTENDO!! O____O was talking about it last night but forgot due to me not feeling well this Morning! Thanks!

    New Sonic Game!? O_____O :)
    Yeah! O__O Like... APPARENTLY it's TRYING to happen!! Like... WE'LL SEE how this goes since... Anime in Live Action DOES NOT GO OVER WELL!! I KNOW this was a Movie, but RECENT EXAMPLE of an Anime in Live Action, Ghost In The Shell, did HORRIBLY with Critics, Fans, and Box Office. Like MAYBE they're doing TV Show because they can do World Building Better then in a Move.

    AWESOMETACULAR!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
    WHOA WTF!? Ok I LITERALLY JUST FOUND THIS OUT AND... there's a Live Action Cowboy Bebop TVV Series SUPPOSEDLY happening... OK, Interesting to say the Least.
    IKR!?!??!!?!?!? Apparently from what my Friend Told Me is that the Voice Actor who Voices the COTD for the Episode is the Voice of Yamcha from Dragon Ball/Z/SuperLOL. And I Hear Yamaha LOVES Baseball. Just felt like throwing a Fun Fact Out! :) but yeah... THE FACES and Animation in this Episode are SOOOOOO FUNNY!! :)

    U know... what ARE your Overall Thoughts on SM so far?
    Same :/ Seen 2 Movies, Rewatched 2017 Beauty And The Beast Last Night, my Number 2 of the Year, and saw King Arthur: The Legend Of The Sword just a while ago, was Alright.
    OMFG... IT LIVES!!!!!!!!!!! The Maze Runner: The Death Cure LIVES!!!!!!!! FINALLY NEWS ON THIS STUPID THING!!!!!!!! I'm GUESSING Filming is Starting NOW! NOW That Dylan O'Brian has Recovered from his Head Injury On Set, and now... WE HAVE A NEW CAST MEMBER!! FAN-FAVORITE Character Actor Walton Goggins has Joined the Final Maze Runner Film!! And let me just say... THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!!!~ :)
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