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    Ah :/ I think Team Rocket are SOOOOOOOO MUCH BETTER NOW!!!!!! Like... their Jokes ARE LEGIT FUNNY NOW!! :) IMO at least. But yeah... the Team Skull Trio are like DUMBASS TRio from DP LOL!!
    LOL!! :) like IF it Evolved into Torrocat OR Inceroar by the End... I WOULD DIE OF LAUGHTER if he Stayed at Ash's House and as someone said on Serebii the Other Day, it and Mr. Mime for Attention at the House or something LOL!! :)
    LOVED today's Episode!! My FAVORITE MOMENT BY FAR was the Delia AND Litten SCENES!! :) Makes Me WISH Litten DOESN'T EVOLVE and when Ash Returns Home Litten could be a Pet there LOL!~ :)
    Yeah I was just Surfing around on YouTube and noticed it. But Agreed!! I remember when the DA Poster was Revealed and the Broken Schalchop is on it and in the actual episode... IT'S SOLVED OFFSCREEN IN LIKE A MINUTE!!

    IKR?!?!?! I think he's staying!!
    I can understand what U mean. I Personally Find Togedemaru and her HYPERACTIVE ENERGY ANNOYING AS *HIT! But I can Understand what U mean. Socpholes... YES I do Often Question in my Head on WHY DOES HE EVEN EXSIST in the Anime, but it'd be REALLY REALLY POINTLESS to get RID OF HIM!!
    I DO NOT BUY THIS WHATSOEVER!!!!!! I DO NOT TRUST JAPAENSE TITLES!!!!!!!!!!! I think I said this Story before, but the LAST TIME I FELL for a Title like this... WAS in the Clubplosion with "Bishop VS. Druddigon" as the Title and... THAT BATTLE IS LIKE 30 SECONDS TO 1 MIUTE BATTLE!!!!!!!!! -_______________- and also why I THINK this Battle SHOULD NOT be Trusted... SOPCHOLES HAS THE PIKA CLONE!!!!!!!!!!!
    ... WHAT!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! "Wait a minute... What are you doing SM?! Generation VII isn't over, yet! xD"
    SM026 - Farewell, Sophocles
    That's fine, thanks for responding back to it!~ :) I think in the Summer at some point I MAY TRY to do more Anime stuff. I'l try Cowboy Bebop out, and other stuff. Like I'll TRY New Things. And Agreed, I HAVE NOT HEARD a SINGLE NEGATIVE THING about this Show TBH. And yeah, this Feels like one U would NOT Typically see LOL!! And yeah, Steven FRICKIN' Blum as the Lead... SIGN ME THE HELL UP!!!!! :)
    Yeah... HECK, the Main Movie Reviewer I've Watched since 2013 has Talked about Cowboy Bebop in the Past many times and said it's GREAT!! Plus, the Lead is Voiced by one of the GREATEST Voice Actors! 2 Words, Steven Blum! :)
    GEEZH... I NEED to SEE Cowboy Bebop! I've heard it is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yeah I had a feeling because I SWORE like 2 years Ago, or it was Even Last Year that she had an Avatar of Sailor Moon when Sailor Moon Crystal was coming Out!~ :)
    BAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAAAAAA HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAHAHHAAAAAAA HAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! I KNOW THAT FEELING!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah it DOES SUCK when there are A LOT of Episodes like that! Know if Gaara watched it at all at some point or just U?
    Oh NICE!! :) That Sounds SOOOOOOOOO COOL!!!!!! :) I was asking about Cartoons or Anime really but Ok LOL.

    As for Me... WELL... as I said, a Friend on Serebii has gotten Me into an Old 90's Anime, it's Girly... but I LIKE Girly Stuff sometimes LOL, so I'm starting to watch... Sailor Moon LOL!!!
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