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  • LOL, Yeah I understand. I was SOOOOOOOOO *UCKING AGAINST IT when this was First Announced because it HANDYCAPDED the SM Characters for a Movie, but this Works! :)

    So what U up to as of late? Had time to see any Shows or anything?
    Hey!! :) how have U been?!~ :) I'm in the Final Days of my Vacation, and a Friend on Serebii is getting me to watch an Old Anime LOL
    Agreed. Like I'm fine with the Voice Personally, but I can understand it being GRADING to MANY MANY PEOPLE! He's great although as I said yesterday... SOME GOD DAMN POKEDEX FRIEND U ARE ROTOMDEX!! HE JUST DITCHES ASH SO HE DOESN'T HAVE TO GO SHOPING!!!!!! BAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA!!!!!! :)
    This is what Roger Callagy (Voice Actor) Voice and Interrelation of RotomDex Reminds Me of... WHIMPY ASS BATTLE DROIDS FROM STAR WARS!!!!!!!!! :) www.youtube.com/watch?v=WLpHXo1kC3M BAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAAHAAAAAAA HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAA HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
    Oh and as for RotomDex... I can Understand. I think WHEN People DO SEE this Episode AND the EARLY Parts to SM... they will NOT LIKE IT! They'll find it ANNOYING AS SHIT!! I know 2 people on Serebii who ALREADY THINK IT'S AS SHIT!
    That's fine because... AGAIN! I DON'T KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON with the Head Runners at Disney XD?! I GUESS INSTEAD of Airing New SM Episodes, LET'S JUST AIR THE ENTIRETY OF XY ALL OVER AGAIN!!!!!!!! Because... WHY THE HELL NOT?! My Theory is that... Disney XD is POSSIBLY WAITING to Release the Show during Summer because... Alola is like a Summer Themed Place so... they're doing that.
    OMG... with a SHORT SNIPET of SM3 English DUBBED... I'VE HEARD ROTOMDEX'S VOICE!!!!!!!!!!! O____________O And... OOOOOO BOY... A LOT of people ARE NOT GOING TO LIKE THIS VOICE!
    Well, good luck in your work, and hope that will have a nice holiday sooner. I am sure that you will, and hope you will be fine from the cold sooner too.
    Ah well, there is effort for trying, it's worked in the past for others but that's fine.

    OH NICE!! :) Samuel L. Jackson IS PRETTY AWESOME!! :) I Enjoyed him in this Movie but didn't quite liked how he became Evil.
    SWEET!! My Top 5 would be:
    1. A United Kingdom
    2. Beauty And The Beast
    3. YuGiOh: The Darkside Of Dimensions
    4. The LEGO Batman Movie
    5. Logan

    My Spring Break is soon! :)
    ... BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAA, I'm Sorry, but that made Me LAUGH! :) but yeah... been Chill... I will Give a Review, well actually I have SOOOOOOO MANY but I'll go over a CERTAIN Anime Movie I saw...
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