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  1. Sakuraa

    REVIEW: SM144: Alola's Strongest Z! Kapu-Kokeko VS Pikachu!!

    I'm pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed this episode. It really was a nice ending what I found to be an overly drawn out battle. I already enjoyed the fact that they had Ash battle Kukui at the end of the league as a nod to you battling him the end of Sun and Moon, but adding in the...
  2. Sakuraa

    REVIEW: S22 EP34: Pikachu's Exciting Adventure!

    This is an episode I was interested in seeing in the dub. I mainly wanted to hear the voices they gave Ash's Pokemon. It was pretty much as expected. I love that they gave the bird a voice perfectly befitting of an idiotic dolt like him. I also did like the part during Who's That Pokemon where...
  3. Sakuraa

    NEWS: Pokemon Sword and Shield Opening 1 News and Details

    Omg, they're so cute :bulbaLove:
  4. Sakuraa

    SPOILERS Potential News Dates (Comments May Contain Spoilers!)

    That's possible. I hope it was, because it would be so much better if everyone who participated in the raid got the Pokemon. Especially wen it comes to catching Gigantamax Pokemon.
  5. Sakuraa

    SPOILERS Potential News Dates (Comments May Contain Spoilers!)

    I thought at E3 they said only the player who caught the Pokemon will keep it and everyone else just gets items and such. Or am I just remembering that wrong?
  6. Sakuraa

    Rival Speculation

    Thanks, that's great to know. :bulbaLove: I wonder why "leaping" tho, maybe it'll have something to do with his personality.
  7. Sakuraa

    Rival Speculation

    I like what we've seen of Hop in just the little bit of previews we got today. He seems a lot like how I imagined, which is basically kind of like Barry. He's not a jerk, but not a pushover. And he seems really serious about his goal. I'm interested in seeing more of him.
  8. Sakuraa

    SPOILERS Potential News Dates (Comments May Contain Spoilers!)

    Sounds nice. I like it :bulbaLove:
  9. Sakuraa

    PC Names

    I'm not sure what that has to do with the names used of the PCs for the games...
  10. Sakuraa

    SPOILERS Potential News Dates (Comments May Contain Spoilers!)

    Here's all 3 of starter greetings. View: https://twitter.com/chargerupgaming/status/1184854947646578689
  11. Sakuraa

    Starters Discussion

    So you fist bump Scorbunny, high-five Grookey, and...touch hands with Sobble. It's nice to see these different expressions of their personality in the very first meeting. View: https://twitter.com/chargerupgaming/status/1184854947646578689 Also, it's interesting that Hop chooses his starter...
  12. Sakuraa

    SPOILERS Potential News Dates (Comments May Contain Spoilers!)

    So you high five with Grookey, cute. Also, that guy said you register for the league in that city, I wonder if that's also where you get your gym uniform. Aw, that's so cute.
  13. Sakuraa

    Trainer/Player Character Customization Discussion

    Looking at the embargo stuff, it looks like we'll have a huge load of options available within the first 90 minutes of the game. It's awesome. :bulbaLove:
  14. Sakuraa

    SPOILERS Potential News Dates (Comments May Contain Spoilers!)

    Aw, that's cute. It's nice to hear the father mentioned again :bulbaLove:
  15. Sakuraa

    SPOILERS Potential News Dates (Comments May Contain Spoilers!)

    As much as I don't like Sobble, this is kind of cute. And it's nice to see each starter has a different interaction when choosing them. Now I wonder what Grookey does.