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Apr 19, 2018 at 3:08 PM
Mar 23, 2012
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Jun 28, 1984 (Age: 33)


Well-Known Member, 33

SammyW27 was last seen:
Apr 19, 2018 at 3:08 PM
    1. Johtohfiller
      I've been thinking about the relative lack of screentime Ash's classmates have been getting and I can't help but wonder if there's a certain amount of "We won't be allowed to use these characters after Gen 7 so why bother" going on. Like the writers are getting as sick of the BS as fans are.
      1. SammyW27 likes this.
      2. SammyW27
        Plus, I think they bit off more than can chew this time...
        Though them disappearing after Gen 7 doesn't sound like a good reason to not make good use of them for the next 3 years.
        Apr 12, 2017
      3. Johtohfiller
        Yeah bigger cast + (probably forced) format shift is probably hard to deal with. Another possibility: execs made them de-emphasize Ash's friends; judging by M20 they seem to think fans only care about Ash and Pikachu.
        Apr 12, 2017
        SammyW27 likes this.
      4. Johtohfiller
        ^Between the reunion movie getting scrapped and Team Rocket's reduced screentime I'm increasingly convinced this is true.
        Jul 14, 2017
    2. Squirples99balloons
      So can you help me?
    3. matt0044
      I'd ask around about that.
    4. matt0044
      Oh, I thought you did that by mistake. My bad if that's allowed now.
    5. matt0044
      Kinda double posted on the captions thread. Better hurry.
    6. matt0044
      Weird. I can't seem to go to your channel. It just goes to my videos page.
    7. matt0044
    8. matt0044
      Suit yourself. I can't please everyone. :)

      BTW, got a youtube account?
    9. matt0044
      Say did you read my fanfiction pilot?
    10. Darth Darkrai
      Darth Darkrai
      With Your Avatar, all I can think of is, WE MISS U Robin Williams, RIP :(
    11. pokemon fan 132
      pokemon fan 132
      Thanks mate, glad that you remembered. Your very considerate which i appreciate.

      I wish we could talk more often though, i mean we barely do haha. Perhaps this will change in future.XD
    12. Supreme Leader Palpitoad
      Supreme Leader Palpitoad
      It is my favorite Marvel movie, of the ones I have seen (have not seen whole Iron Man 2, Cap 2 and the Hulk).

      It was fun to see Howard.

    13. Darth Darkrai
      Darth Darkrai
      Yeah it was Weak and EVERYONE in my Theater were SO CONFUSED at WHO THE HELL was Howard The Duck and his Cameo was Funny but yeah it didn't really set anything up even tho there is Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 on July 28, 2017 but I didn't see that setting up Guardians 2 IMO. This is my Favorite Movie of the Year, and I thought Benicio Del Toro as The Collector was VERY UNDERUSED here but Thanos Cameo WAS AWESOME!
    14. Darth Darkrai
      Darth Darkrai
      What did U think of Guardians?
    15. Supreme Leader Palpitoad
      Supreme Leader Palpitoad
      So you like Guardians too?
    16. Darth Darkrai
      Darth Darkrai
      Yeah I saw Guardians Of The Galaxy a Couple of Hours before it came out on August 1st and it's my Favorite Movie of the Year and GROOT was AWESOME!
    17. Darth Darkrai
      Darth Darkrai
      U have Good Taste with the Avatar, I REALLY LOVE THE Groot Avatar
    18. Trainer Gabriel
      Trainer Gabriel
      Happy birthday!
    19. matt0044
      Say did you see that thread about Hunter J's Death? I hear you're banned but I'm curious as to your thoughts.

      You don't have to though...
    20. matt0044
      Oh, hey. How're things?
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    Jun 28, 1984 (Age: 33)
    Favorite Generation:
    Generation I (Game Boy)
    Favorite Region:
    Kanto / Kantō
    Cautiously optimistic, epublished author, proud MYSty (Mystery Science Theater 3000/Rifftrax fan), Kaiju movie fan, lover of musicals, and tireless seeker of sueprhero film info.


    "Gee Chancellor Neighsay, whattaya wanna do tonight?"
    "The same thing we do every night, Pinkie...try to take over the world!"