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Some of you may think I'm a girl, but I'm not. Yeah.. having Sandy in SandyBoi does make it confusing but, "Sandy" is just a nickname derived from my real name - a nickname which a girl I know from high school just suddenly made up one day, lol. Caught on pretty quickly, even after I moved to another high school.

Just another typical dude who enjoys playing games. Visual novels too.
I also enjoy reading manga, light novels, some web novels and watching anime.

For those who have played certain Pokemon games online, such as Pokemon Legends, Pokemon Infinity and such - yeah, I use the same username "SandyBoi" there too.
Accounts to Social Media and Anime Sites
My Twitter (SandehPanda)
MyAnimeList Account [myanimelist.net]
SandyBoi (Steam)

Don't have to follow me on Twitter, I mainly use it to see what's going with my favourite youtubers.If you want to though, well that's cool too.
May 20
Favorite Region
Nintendo 2DS/3DS Friend Code


Friend Code (3DS): 2895-9933-9607




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