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Recent content by SandyBoi

  1. SandyBoi

    Preview Upcoming Episodes Preview

    How about making things more busted by lets say, adding in Ash-Greninja? MUAAHAHAHAHA Seriously though, that'd be hilarious. If Tobias comes back, send all that busted shit his way. muahahaha
  2. SandyBoi

    Preview JN021: Convey the Wave Guidance! Satoshi and the Mysterious Egg!!

    There's also the part where Ash is looking off into nowhere in particular during the episode Ash catches Gengar, Gou looks back at Ash, and Ash says "Oh it's nothing". Feel like Ash maybe knew something was going to happen before it happened, or could tell where Gengar was or something(?). I...
  3. SandyBoi

    Preview JN020: Go Towards Your Dream! Satoshi and Go!!

    Not sure how bad it is, but I know one anime I'm watching - Toaru no Railgun T has been delayed several times because of the virus. Had 1 week delay for episode 7, and now a 2 week delay for episode 8.
  4. SandyBoi

    Review JN013: Satoshi VS Dande! The Road to the Strongest!!

    Apparently he did, to Gou, while fighting over the bunk bed - as in who gets the top bed. I think that was episode 2? Subs for the episode don't show him saying that, but if you listen carefully you do hear him say it.
  5. SandyBoi

    Will Ash have a Kanto team?

    My personal prediction: Pikachu Dragonite Lucario Inteleon Uh, Tyranitar? maybe <Insert one/two other mons here> That's all I've thought of, at least for now. I personally don't see Mr Mime becoming part of Ash's main team - at the same time, he can choose to use Mr. Mime sparingly, whenever...
  6. SandyBoi

    USUM / Let's Go, Pikachu! / Eevee! anime speculation thread

    Pretty sure there was some kind of placeholder for a new type of Lycanroc. If there is, I personally believe Ash's Rockruff will evolve into whatever that turns out to be (assuming it's true of course).
  7. SandyBoi

    Preview SM030: Lilie, Take Good Care of Pikachu

    Alright, good to know that people on Twitter were correct in saying that the other titles were fake. inb4 more complaining about moving onto the other trials etc.
  8. SandyBoi

    Review SM020: Satoshi and Pikachu, the Promise between Them

    Ash, you must catch that Wimpod next! Average episode I'd say, didn't stop me from enjoying parts of it though.
  9. SandyBoi

    Review SM021: Nyabby, Time to Begin the Journey!

    "Pokemon Sun and Moon is a comedy anime" Glad Ash finally got Litten.
  10. SandyBoi

    Review SM015: The Clawed Hill, Iwanko and Lugarugan!!

    Hm, Twilight forme?
  11. SandyBoi

    Review SM011: Satoshi Visits Kaki!

    Alright, so it's been confirmed that Bewear is Jesus. This episode confirms that Rowlet is Moses. XD Ash finally understands TR and what it feels like to be "blasting off again." Someone said this as a Youtube comment, and I agree with this: Can we rename the series Ash's Bizarre Adventures? My...
  12. SandyBoi

    Review SM010: Will the Z-Move Work! Challenge the Grand Trial!!

    Yeahhh! Clean sweep! Rowlet was pretty amusing. This episode - having fallen asleep while flying. That Breakneck Blitz was powerful - managing to send Hariyama flying :o Glad he won.
  13. SandyBoi

    Review SM007: The Vagabond in the Market, Nyabby!

    Yeah, that was far too long. I hope it doesn't take that long here. I feel as though maybe it'll be his next capture after his first trial is done. Maybe Litten - watching on the sidelines, seeing Ash for who he is as he's doing the trial..I don't know, just throwing random thoughts out there xD
  14. SandyBoi

    Review SM007: The Vagabond in the Market, Nyabby!

    Yeah I was surprised myself. I'm honestly expecting Stoutland to pass away at some point. Litten and Ash have gotta build up that bond first before Ash get 'em. Is this Litten a female one? I could've sworn I heard that during this episode. Also willing to bet that Litten will become the...
  15. SandyBoi

    Review SM006: The Shocking and Prickly Togedemaru!

    Bewear has taken it up a notch, going from Jesus in a Bewear oufit, to Ninja Jesus in a Bewear Oufit. I swear, that Bewear will be the death of me. Also, the last time I remember seeing rainbow/sparkling vomit was in the Boku no Hero Academia anime. Certainly wasn't expecting to see that here xD