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Recent content by Sanic Hegehog

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    Leaked document reveals upcoming games: Title list proves old consoles never die

    Yez dar iz u just gotta stepp at up!!! I sahld no mah father woks 4 Legand Zerda.
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    Should Raichu get Light Ball

    Well Raichu is an ugly orange rat, so I can see why people wouldn't want to evolve Pikachu. Granted Pikachu is an ugly yellow rat, but yellow is still better then orange in almost all aspects. Especially for being a mascot with a lot of raw power via Light Ball but with defenses comparable to...
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    What Types should B-Kyurem and W-Kyurem be?

    I find that an odd statement considering White Kyurem is Reshiram and Kyurem combined. Reshiram is part Fire type despite not looking like a fire type, so why must a design stop White Kyurem from also being able to use fire? Also look at the poster for the 15th movie: Note how White...
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    What Types should B-Kyurem and W-Kyurem be?

    Igloos, pun of freezer burn, or just plain irony.
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    What Types should B-Kyurem and W-Kyurem be?

    I would mention the whole "Charizard/Gyarados are dragons that aren't Dragon types yet Altaria is" thing in a 400 page essay, but that has been beaten to death already. Still, Ice/Electric would be an awesome typing, so I'm not surprised for the hope.
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    Should Raichu get Light Ball

    Technically speaking, Raichu already has the Light Ball. Just make it hold the Light Ball. Not saying it does anything, but there is no stopping Raichu from having the Light Ball. And no, Raichu shouldn't get a boost from the Light Ball. Nasty Plot already gives it all the power it needs, the...
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    How much do you pay attention to stats?

    Well you have to pay attention to your stats regardless of EV's or IV's, otherwise you'll be making incredibly stupid crap like physical attacking Chansey or defensive Pikachu. In my eyes, you should always watch your stats in both casual and competitive scenario in order to ensure a reliable...
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    The Official Pokémon Black 2/White 2 (Read FIRST Post before posting!)

    Re: The Official Pokémon Black 2/White 2 Thread If it's something absolutely major that can make the universe implode, then yes.
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    Why is Unova modern in Black and rural in White?

    Black and White play with the concept of opposites between versions (referencing Yin and Yang), hence why Black is urban while White is rural. But which one is canon is up to the player I suppose.
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    Meloetta quietly revealed in M15 poster: Pikachu short title revealed

    Meloetta getting a minor appearance? Good, because it's too lame to be anything important.
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    The Bulbagarden Conversational Chat, Vol. 3

    Just curious, but did anyone else here get Dillon's Rolling Western? Best eShop game so far in my opinion.
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    Are you going to buy Black 2 or White 2?

    I'll ether pick Black2 to compliment me already having Black, or get White2 to compliment my Reshiram hoarding. I'll probably wait until I see the version exclusive content, and I could care less if it's not on the 3DS since DS games are already backwards compatible on it.
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    Type Advantages, Disadvantages and Neturaliaties you think are Ridiculous

    Most Dragon types are reptiles, and most reptiles are naturally very vulnerable to cold weather due to being cold blooded.
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    The Official Pokémon Black 2/White 2 (Read FIRST Post before posting!)

    Re: The Official Pokémon Black 2/White 2 Thread Expanding the back story of the two brothers legend has some very good potential to be incredible. Maybe even a lengthy flashback if we're lucky.
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    The Official Pokémon Black 2/White 2 (Read FIRST Post before posting!)

    Re: The Official Pokémon Black 2/White 2 Thread So uh... what would the names for these new formes of Kyurem be? Something like Blaze Kyurem and Bolt Kyurem (Yang Kyurem and Ying Kyurem in Japan) would be my logical guess, but personally I want to call them "Kyuram" and "Kyurom".