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  • And actually fits somewhat lyrically =3

    It cannot be seen
    But there's blood on the green
    Only god knows I'm innocent
    Take me, take me home
    A dark seed reigns in me
    Like the storm rules over the sea
    I challenge thee, do not cross this bridge alone

    Fiercely intense
    Outrageous, too blind to see
    And in pain they keep on singing
    We claim the land for the highlord
    God bless the land and our highlord

    Both teams are trying to claim the land and the sea for their boss, Archie being wild like a storm and Maxie being high on his horse. They're also putting their teams through so much pain (Chapter 7, Sacrific and the whole War in the first place) =P
    I don't really have anything in mind. Um....how about talking about the dumbest thing you can recall doing with a Master Ball? :p

    Just pick a random topic and run with it, I guess.
    The project is indeed still in the works. Unfortunately, we still haven't written a script of any sort, so just be patient for now.

    If you wish to audition for the Voice Acting department, please record some voice samples in .wav or .mp3 format and send them to [email protected] From there, we can compile a list of characters your voice might be suited for, and you can pick and choose which ones you like best.
    Pokémon Story, you work on story, or if you want the panels of the Fanga if you want to do a manga.

    Basically, the Pokémon World is different in that Humans also have powers, which relates to the Pokémon they use: Blaine, for example, is able to use Fire Blast, or light himself on Fire, while Brock is able to turn his skin to Rock, etcetc. Gym Leaders are the most powerful users of the cities, while the Elite Four are the greatest in the region. Humans can only use moves of their 'Type' however, thus they use Pokémon of their type for other moves, their 'type' because they bond with them better.

    In come the Pallet Trio (Red, Leaf and Blue, here Jack, Amanda and Johnathon 'John'). Each are about to go on their journies to learn what 'element' they are, via training at each Gym. Oak has given them each Pokédexes, experiment devices to give them every bit of information they'll need, maps, guides and the like. However, he also wants to record them, because he's noted something particular about Jack. As it turns out, every few years, a person is born that'll be able to harness all types, with all abilities, and he believes that Jack is that person. Turns out Jack AND John are such, etcetc.

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