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  • I know I've definitely improved from when I was 10 years old! Damn Mary-Sues. . >.> Unintentional ones are the worst.

    Have you ever created a Mary-Sue before?
    Thanks! It's really quite fun to write, and I'm glad that I'm getting good reviews on it.

    I'm also glad that one person has even said I inspired them when they read the fic. *_* That's such high, if not absolutely wonderful, praise!

    Chapter 3 will be up ASAP. This chapter goes into a little more detail about Nyaasu and Hitokage's relationship.
    Really? Oh, thank you so much! I'm about to put up chapter 2 as well, so if you like chapter 1, chapter two won't be that long of a wait. ^_~

    I haven't played it in a while either. ^^" I play Pokémon Pearl and FireRed too much. =P

    I ask because I was wondering if you wouldn't mind reading and reviewing at least one chapter to my Pokémon Mystery Dungeon fic. If not, that's fine, it's not a problem. ^^ I don't want you to feel pressured to do so. But, if you could, I'd be ever so grateful!
    Yay! I made your day!

    Hopefully I don't have school, that would make MY day. It's snowing, but not heavily. But if schools are two hours late, I don't have to go! That sad part is that I don't know if they were two hours late or not and I'm afraid to find out. XD

    Oh, do you like Pokémon Mystery Dungeon? (Random, I know.)
    Lolz! XD

    I like you, you laugh at my jokes. =P Lolz, you're one of the first.

    I merely implied running away, but I don't run. I walk. . Slowly. XD
    Or maybe he'll just demand compensation. XD And then try to count to 10, but fail because he's so impatient.

    He actually reminds me a lot of. . Me. o_O Sounds like something I would do. >.>

    "10, 9, 8 -- I don't have time for this!"
    No, don't faint! *pours cold water on you*

    Yay, I have a rooter! . . . >.> Is that a word? XD

    I agree that Koki doesn't have the awesomeness in him that Jun has. I wonder what will happen if Jun ever meets Shinji. O.O That would. . Rock! Of course, Shinji might crush poor Jun's hopes and dreams and Jun may hate him forever. XD Welcome to the club since SO many people in the anime hate Shinji. I think the only one that actually likes him is his brother. And now I'm just ranting. >.> I do that.
    "You owe me compensation!" XD Lolz, Jun. He's so adorable. =3 I'm glad they put Jun in the anime instead of Koki (Lucas). I have no idea why, but I hate Koki.

    If you ever do decide to write a fic about either of those shippings, let me know! I'd definitely love to read it! And I'm extremely nitpicky, so that'll improve your skillz. XD

    I've been trying to find the inspiration to write a LagomorphShipping oneshot, but I can't seem to get motivated. . =/ (Story of my freaking life. =P ) I love LagomorphShipping. <3
    Jun equals freaking awesome, cute, and hilarious all wrapped into one package.

    MorpheusShipping is so cute! <3 That and I like AbilityShipping. Those are the only two Satsohi shippings I like. I usually only like shippings that are AT LEAST one-sided canon. Things like IkariShipping are just dumb in my opinion. (I prefer PenguinShipping. >.>)
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