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    REVIEW: S22 EP07: We Know Where You're Going, Eevee!

    So wait, one episode after Ash forcibly tries to catch his Rotom he now can't bear to let Team Skull try to catch Eevee? Are they even paying attention to what they're doing anymore?? At least this one was in character, but literally one episode after that bizarre out of character moment and in...
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    Paul wouldn't be caught within a hundred miles of a league that is going to have people like Lillie and Sophocles in it, this league looks way to pathetic
  3. sc190191


    So did they leave any sliver of opportunity that Kahili could be in the league in her episode (I only watch the dub)? I was really hoping all along that she could be in the league since she was in what was essentially the equivalent in the games, I thought she would be a good opportunity to have...
  4. sc190191

    REVIEW: S22 EP06: Bright Lights, Big Changes!

    So that last scene being in England-like place, I get that feeling that might have been intentional, since the concept for the new region was probably known long enough ago for production of this episode. This episode though Ash was incredibly out of character, I can't believe that scene where...
  5. sc190191

    Things you wish that did NOT happen in the animé

    He had that Deoxys two-partner that he played a big role in. Are you sure the chemistry didn't feel off because of the dub voice changes (not to mention script style changes)? I always have trouble with that season because having the voices change mid series is difficult to adjust to, but I...
  6. sc190191

    REVIEW: S22 EP01: Lillier and the Staff!

    So hopefully someone still reads this, does anyone who watches both original and dub know if anything was cut from the dub for the Eevee short? I'm thinking its just a shorter episode in general, since I read there was still a poke-problem in the original, but I get so worried I miss something I...
  7. sc190191

    Things you wish that did NOT happen in the animé

    I wish we had never had those preview openings in DP (I think the term for it is cold opening, although I'm not sure if that term is just having some of the episode before the opening - which I like - as opposed to having part of the middle of the episode before the opening - which I strongly...
  8. sc190191

    Pokémon Sword and Shield anime speculation thread

    I think you're right that it won't happen, but I feel like Mudkip got less screen time/development than Cacnea, Seviper, or Dustox. I would really find it interesting if they got a starter finally.
  9. sc190191

    Worst Ash Design

    I'd wear shorts instead of those three quarters pants for starters
  10. sc190191

    What's your opinion on the XY/XYZ saga?

    So basically prior to SM, you didn't really like the Pokemon anime at all? That's kind of what I always assumed from reading your stuff, but its just a bit surprising to hear spelled out. I don't want to insult you personally, because I have no problem with you being here and I really like...
  11. sc190191

    Worst Ash Design

    I'm surprised no one really mentioned this, but the biggest reason I don't like the SM design is how the lines on his face are so obvious and look really out of place. I think in Kalos they were drawn lighter and became a lot less noticeable, then in SM they are these long, wispy things that are...
  12. sc190191

    Your favorite running gag in anime?

    Boss fantasies by a landslide
  13. sc190191

    Controversial opinions

    I think you aren't picking up on the counter part of counter shield. You say yourself "without hitting the opponent", that is just deflecting or blocking a move. By your definition every time Pikachu uses Iron tail to knock down some opponents attack without taking any damage that is a counter...
  14. sc190191

    Pokémon Sword and Shield anime speculation thread

    Here's the pattern that really matters (To me at least): Scene 1 of the entire series focuses on new female companion, said companion gets a concrete goal and goal gets a reasonable amount of focus. Companion inches closes to actually being protagonist and makes for a more balanced series...
  15. sc190191

    What is a series you felt was bad when it first aired but now believe it was better than you thought?

    I hated her at first because I was so mad she replaced May, so she was the worst thing ever to me for several weeks, but at least by the time she got Pachirisu I already liked her a lot. My pick for this thread like several others, is BW. I actually didn't dislike it the first time, but there...