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  1. sc190191

    Pokémon Sword and Shield anime speculation thread

    Is it too much to hope that dynamax is treated more like mega was in XY and not hardly used at all by main characters instead of the Z move barrage of SM?
  2. sc190191

    Ash/Satoshi's Win Percentage in each Region + Popular Myth debunked.

    This is semi-interesting to see, but such a massive oversimplification, considering the massive variation in quality of opponents, as well as types of battles, etc. It is really silly to use this data to say any particular team was better than another, but of course it always happens, just like...
  3. sc190191

    Did Pokemon anime drop important life lesson?

    So I'm just moving this to a blog post, I had it as a thread in A&M section but it was met with disdain and backhanded insults from voracious SM supporters (even though I worked really hard to make sure I was being as kind as possible about the series). I really wanted to post it for discussion...
  4. sc190191

    PREVIEW: Ash's four Alola League opponents revealed

    If that meant anything we have about 200 more battles we're still waiting for that have previously been promised
  5. sc190191

    Pokémon Sword and Shield anime speculation thread

    Wow my heart almost stopped when I saw that poster, the art style is so phenomenal. I would give anything to have a female lead again and I actually really like the design of the SwS protag. I don't understand why people think she is boring, is it because her hair is a color that exists in the...
  6. sc190191

    They released a 3 minute long trailer hyping up the Alola League

    A little surprised they showed the orange islands champion picture at 0:18. Actually will probably turn out to be a more difficult league than this one will
  7. sc190191

    In defense of limiting the Dex and where the franchise can go from here

    Every time I think about this pokedex limiting all I can think about is just how hard they worked to get two regions into Gold/Silver. They really went all out for those games, and several other titles since, but I feel like since Gen 6 they don't go all out anymore, they just do what they need...
  8. sc190191

    Controversial opinions

    Since everyone is talking about the Tapu Fini mist episode, I wanted to mention something about it too. I will start by saying for SM standards it was a quite good episode, but I was really bothered by one aspect. Although I knew it wasn't going to happen, when Ash was lost in the mist I really...
  9. sc190191

    Pokémon Sword and Shield anime speculation thread

    I'm thinking today's devastating news might impact the series a bit. Since late BW the Pokemon that show up in the series have been fairly restriction free (not to say the regional dex isn't the main focus, but that we could get random appearances from just about any Pokemon), but with the new...
  10. sc190191

    Dynamax: Thoughts, Feelings, or Concerns

    Is this not just a lazy version of mega evo, I mean instead of coming up with awesome new designs and abilities, they just make a Pokemon larger and then mechanically has an increase in power, just like mega evo. I guess its like a combo of mega evo and Z move in that you get stat boost and move...
  11. sc190191

    REVIEW: S22 EP14: Evolving Research!

    I like your fandubs quite a bit, its really nice to be able to see the stuff we don't get to see here and you all do a great job with voices. I would love if you did the PokeTV from XYZ too
  12. sc190191

    MUSIC: The Background Music Thread

    The very end of the slowpoke well episode (called shadow of a drought in dub I think) has a mix of Cianwood City, I only know this because I just watched it today because I happen to be playing soul silver right now (my favorite game of all time) and it has made me want to watch Johto eps.
  13. sc190191

    XY/Z Edgy?

    I really strongly disagree with this notion. In fact, I really can't even imagine where you would even come up with such an idea. XY characters displayed a wide range of emotions. Sure in a serious scene characters acted serious, rather than acting goofy and ruining it, but stoic just doesn't...
  14. sc190191

    Things you wish that did NOT happen in the anime

    In Mewtwo Returns, a movie special, so not sure if people consider that Canon, anyway, ask the original poster, I'm just saying I think that's what they meant.
  15. sc190191

    What character(s) are you most like in terms of personality?

    Wow didn't expect to see this one back, I really like the idea of the thread, but I really don't like talking about myself, but I told myself way back last year if the thread ever came back to the first page I would answer it. Anyway, I think if I were to pick a person it would have to be...