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    It would be quite hilarious if an earlier villainous team tried and failed to manipulate the legendaries and Team Flare didn't get the memo.
    Not to mention that the anime has no business inserting Zygarde into the Team Flare story if there is a new villainous team out there, or even a redesigned Team Flare.
    Squishy's secrets will be revealed in the episode airing Thursday November 26th!?
    Pikachu and Meowth will experience something really strange in this episode! It seems Squishy's secrets, those that no one knows yet, will be revealed then!
    I wonder if this episode might allude to Zygarde's past as seen in the app, but without revealing too much.

    I really can't stress enough how uninteresting the Team Flare storyline is compared to the potential of Kalos' ancient past. The anime doesn't have a choice but stick to the XY story more or less (with Zygarde replacing Xerneas/Yveltal and the ultimate weapon), but a single episode directly referencing the app would be reasonable enough.
    Hopefully, it's not the end of the world if Volcanion is revealed in February. They could choose to reveal a new Pokemon in April much like they did with Mega Mewtwo Y.
    It would be a weird choice, as movie titles are finalized by February and only new forms are usually reserved for later months. And why shouldn't a new generation be confirmed by the anniversary? In which case, Volcanion being revealed in the same month would be confusing.

    Above all, there shouldn't be a massive drought in which Zygarde gets nothing until well into next year. That would be problematic.
    It was first teased in July. Making us wait until March for Complete Forme's game context is already pretty excessive.

    By the way, I'm starting to think that Zygarde's early promotion is pretty much only because the anime has reached the general vicinity of Terminus Cave.
    But the path doesn't have to be linear; they could have taken a detour from Snowbelle next year if the promotion weren't meant to tie into anything this year.
    The new generation should be announced by February (at least by the anniversary), so I don't think that they should wait until April or later to wrap up the app. But I suppose it doesn't make much of a difference either way. Go will probably be released around the anniversary, but it will eventually be compatible with Generation VII.

    The most important thing timing-wise is that Volcanion should be revealed no later than December. This will make or break 2016.
    So according to the anime data broadcast, the next four episodes with unannounced titles will feature the following:

    XY&Z006: Venusaur
    XY&Z007: Greninja
    XY&Z008: Eevee
    XY&Z009: Drapion

    It seems that only the final episode of the year will revisit Team Flare. I'm pretty sure that Ash Greninja will be "awakened" in that episode since its merchandise is due for release in December, and it was seen battling Team Flare's Bisharp in a preview from September (that's the only scene from said preview which wasn't included in the first episode).

    The pace seems rather slow, but if you look at Episode N, only two episodes out of the first eight involved Team Plasma. There was also an early episode that introduced N, which is akin to the November episode about Zygarde Core's secrets. Anyway, the last six episodes of the mini-series were all about Team Plasma. I assume that once Team Flare capture the other Zygarde, the writers will stop deviating from that plot. I'm curious as to where the climax will take place; the poster implies Anistar City, but the opening briefly shows Lumiose City instead.

    Chances are that Complete Forme will make its debut at some point in March. Not that the timing really matters as long as the app is tied to the next generation.
    An episodic app would work very well if done more or less concurrently with the anime and manga Zygarde promotions. I think that the first episode should be released next month - a week or two after the announcement.

    The gap between Shuffle's Direct announcement and its release was a bit over a month, but the gap in Rumble World's case was exactly a week.
    But the anime isn't treating Zygarde as an afterthought this year, either. I wouldn't bet on Complete Forme debuting in Adventures first.

    I guess it's true that the manga hasn't ever incorporated content from an unannounced game, but the anime barely has, too. Only Munchlax comes to mind, really.
    I can't shake the feeling that we were meant to have a new Pokémon game released this autumn, but it has since been delayed.
    He tweeted this a week ago when he still expected Z to be announced on the 29th.

    Do most people even believe in a sequel or prequel anymore?
    The very few who do think that Zygarde might have two hidden 75% Formes or something. Talk about being desperate.
    People's theories are just getting weirder by the day. I wish I could give fans credit for expecting something more than a basic third version, but even those of them who do are just grasping at straws. Serebii has succumbed to thinking that the early Zygarde promotion is a result of the game having been unexpectedly delayed, which is saying something considering that he was adamant about no game being released this year.
    The opening makes it obvious that Team Flare will control a second Zygarde rather than Xerneas or Yveltal. If the app has nothing to do with Team Flare, and also focuses on AZ, Eternal Floette and Volcanion, then I don't see the problem.

    By the way, the fact that there are two Zygarde Cores and only one of them is tied to the Terminus Cave Zygarde could explain Complete Forme being unlocked in another region. The app would establish that one of the Cores ended up leaving Kalos. Even in the anime, it hasn't been stated where Team Flare found Squishy. Considering that Team Plasma found the Genesect fossil in Kalos, it isn't unthinkable that Team Flare had to look for Squishy in another region (and that we'll do just that in Generation VII).
    Because they're amateurs when it comes to 3D and ORAS aren't a new generation. Why didn't the Generation IV games have properly animated sprites, or random battles for that matter?
    On the note of New 3DS enhancements, I noticed that Generation VII battles can only look better than Generation VI on the New 3DS.
    I am not sure what this is based on. Battle animations can be reworked regardless of the New 3DS, as can framerate issues. The models themselves are fine (even BW retained a lot of older sprites), but their textures should be enhanced on the New 3DS.
    You should download the Yokai Watch demo. No annoying code is involved.

    This 2013 game really goes to show that Generation VII doesn't even need to be n3DS-enhanced to look better than Generation VI.
    Lastly, Ash and Serena receive new (ORAS version) Pokedexes from Professor Sycamore (Hoenn confirmed!). These devices apparently have Mega Evolution information in them.
    That's consistent with the Pokédex Z merchandise. People don't really believe that Z will use the ORAS Pokédex, do they? If they don't, how do they explain the anime doing this?
    My concern is the fate of supposed 3rd game sequel. So far, despite the change of anime series name, product logos, there has been no word on a 'Z' game coming out. If the writers are really going to feature Zygarde heavily in this arc, essentially turning it into XYZ arc, given that the game and manga series chronology has never been broken before, I do wonder if this suggest no Z is going to be released. Of course, Rayquaza also ended its role in RS and never appeared in Emerald, so a future Z arc could just focus on another like Volcanion. It's just that the way they are handling the Z component in all merchandise seems unconventional. Of course, Masuda will be appearing in a November episode of Pokemon Sunday (or whatever it's called now), so there may be some announcement. Or, they are waiting Z to coincide with the 20th anniversary next year. That makes me wonder why they are changing the anime series so early (again the dropping ratings could be a factor).
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