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    "For example, if after Black and White we came out with a Grey, people would have been expecting that," he said. "Same thing with X/Y and having a Z straight afterwards. So we're always just trying to surprise people."

    "There's been a lot of demand from people to remake Ruby/Sapphire on social media, for example. Right now really felt like a good time to do it, and instead of doing a direct sequel to X/Y we're tying it together in some unique ways."
    I don't know how this could have possibly been mistranslated that much. He's saying that they want to surprise people, and that both a third version and sequels would have been predictable in 2014. How would they be better in 2016? They're still what most people expect, but only out of a force of habit; only the minority are heavily invested in Kalos' lore. Another Kalos game would sell worse than ORAS, let alone a new generation.
    I really don't see Game Freak releasing Generation VII for the NX within a year of its release given past precedents, not to mention Masuda viewing the New 3DS as a jump in its own right.
    I'm tempted to say that the main reason for Zygarde being an enigma is that it keeps fans expecting more of the same, thus making an "early" Generation VII release all the more surprising for most people. I don't see why making it the star of a story-driven app would be disappointing, either. It would be a good way of doing something new this year despite not releasing a new game. What would have been achieved by making XY complete from the get-go? Zygarde would have become old news by now.

    The clock is ticking, though. I'll be worried if nothing with Zygarde or Volcanion happens in the next 3-4 months.
    Best Wishes Season 2 started before the Unova League. At the rate the anime is going, the Kalos league will be wrapped up by early 2016 before any game is even released, leaving 1.5 years if Generation VII isn't released until late 2017. In contrast, the post-league segment of Best Wishes only lasted 8 months. And Lysandre's plan is already close to being carried out as established in the Mega Evolution specials, so it will probably be dealt with by the end of the year without a long build-up. Speaking of which, Act IV (which will air in September-November) is said to be the climax of the Mega Evolution side story. Why would this be the case if there were going to be a new Kalos game next year?

    There is no reason to expect the gap between the last two gyms to suddenly be stretched out after the last four gaps were only 7-14 episodes long (we don't know when the 7th is due to happen, but Anistar shouldn't be far off judging from XY083). The DP series was consistently slow-paced (with the exception of a single gap), which isn't the case here.

    Game Freak barely did anything with Xerneas and Yveltal, so relatively speaking, it isn't weird that Zygarde is merely catchable in XY. There is no guarantee they will ever give the Kalos legendaries real exposition (better late than never), but the decision not to reveal Zygarde's "true power" from the get-go makes sense even without another Kalos game.
    The only filler saga that was over a year long was the Battle Frontier one, and I don't see anything like that happening again considering that the writers have steered clear from battle facilities ever since and even Masuda has said that it isn't the kind of things kids care about.
    I don't know whether or not standard DLC is possible, but it hardly matters as I think that a separate app akin to the ORAS demo is more likely, and there should be no limitations on that end. That's all they need to wrap up the Kalos story, and it could easily happen in late 2015 to make up for the lack of a new main series release (and lack of anything in Europe and Australia). But I don't think they'll bother to patch the Zygarde forms' data to XY or ORAS, when they can simply unlock Zygarde's moves and keep the forms exclusive to the next generation. The forms would still factor into Kalos via the app, but they wouldn't be usable in standard battles as far as this generation is concerned. It might seem a little weird, but it would be a pretty clever marketing tactic.

    A late 2016 release can and should commemorate the anniversary. It is not that surprising that Game Freak seem to prefer a Holiday release, and at least there is a better chance of the games being fulfilling this way.

    Both the anime and Pokémon Special are approaching the conclusion of XY, much to the surprise of most fans. I don't see why this would be happening if this generation were going to last four years.
    I just realized that a spin-off game featuring the war AZ took part in might be more likely because it would allow both Zygarde's Mega Stones and AZ's Floette to be downloaded (if Zygarde played a role in that war). However, Game Freak has shown several times to be controversial about DLC, so I'm not too sure how much they're willing to do this.
    But it would barely be different than updating XY to accommodate the new Mega Evolutions in ORAS. They will need to update XY for Mega Zygarde regardless of the medium through which it is obtained.

    Actually, there should be a distinction between patches and DLC. The former would be free and should work even without the Internet just by sending patch from a new game to XY.
    I replied to you in my blog but it takes a (long) while for comments to get approved. VMs are preferable for a discussion. Anyway:

    I'm cautious at this point. The remakes and their early release are a sign that Nintendo want Game Freak to capitalize on the 3DS sooner rather than later, so 2015 should see the final release. However, Game Freak are sticking to their repetitive comfort zone and that makes me worried that Kalos will be revisited over the promised new region, even though that would render the foreshadowing completely redundant. I am not holding out for two regions even though that is an option.

    Hoopa should be revealed next year, so it could coincide nicely with a new region. Volcanion just needs to be available before the games are out for the sake of a Pokédex expansion, even via a Wi-Fi distribution. AZ's Floette could be unlocked by a patch, an undiscovered item or a direct distribution. If to be honest, just the idea of AZ handing out his Floette doesn't make sense, so the details hardly matter that much. AZ and Floette traveling to another region could make sense, though.

    Zygarde is the only important factor. They have three options:

    1. Have it be prominent in a new region.
    2. Create a DLC event for its Mega Evolutions.
    3. Have it be the highlight of a spin-off game or a movie revolving around Kalos' ancient past. The Mega Stones would be downloaded to the main series games using a patch.

    Or they could just revisit Kalos in their next release, which I think would be a pity just for one Pokémon.
    It seems that Nuvema, Accumula, Striation, Nacrene and Icirrus are post-game locations, after all. We were being misled by the fact that one of the 2ch players actually posted a screenshot of the Dreamyard before anyone even said anything about the league. That is not to say that the post-game content, at least so far, isn't abysmal.

    We don't have a proper explanation of the two guidebooks or the map page reference. Like everyone else, I fear that it's a lost cause at this point, as the only chance we have is that the Memory Link ends up being very significant, despite requiring another game. We know nothing about it so far; the details posted yesterday were about another feature involving interaction between B2W2 games.

    I am worried about the future of the series. For one thing, Game Freak don't seem to know how to handle a post-league quest. Also, I suspect that the story in these games is forced and full of missed opportunities.
    Hey, just letting you know that double posting like you did here isn't allowed (I'm going to merge it with your other post in a minute).

    Since you're fairly new here I was going to send this as a PM rather than a warning, but you have PMs disabled so a VM should suffice. If you want to say something extra just edit your previous post instead (edit post is in the bottom right of your previous post).

    Other than that, if you need any help/have any questions feel free to ask me or any other member of the staff! :)
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