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  • A typo? The VGC rules affect thousands of people. It's also telling that the premier challenge, which will last until May, is named after the Hoenn starters.
    If you have no doubt about the VGC format not being an error, this shouldn't be an option to you.
    Our arguments are solid, but sometimes I have to remind myself that because almost everyone else disregards them. I just hope that we don't live in some sort of bizarro world.

    Special's XY chapter is starting to foreshadow Zygarde, too. Green says that Z has to be somewhere close, and I doubt he's referring to a Z character (he's watching the Xerneas and Yveltal battle). Rayquaza was incorporated into the RS chapter leaving room for the Emerald chapter to be about Jirachi and the Eon duo, but I just don't see Kusaka repeating that with Volcanion alone. Mewtwo is likely to have a role in XY alongside the Kanto characters.

    There might be a side manga about Kalos' past (as there was for the first two Ranger games), but an adaptation of a story-driven game would arguably be redundant.
    So Masuda is going to appear on the new variety show on November 15th. CoroCoro will be released on the 14th, so it's unlikely that he will actually reveal anything for the first time. But as for what the appearance could be about:

    1. Volcanion
    2. Eternal Floette distribution
    3. Kalos app
    4. A combination of the above
    5. Go news (unlikely due to Go being advertised for adults)
    6. A Kalos game that wouldn't make sense to us?
    7. Something random that would barely be newsworthy?

    Either way, it's going to be annoying to see the Z hype in the next 3+ weeks. I don't think I can take much more of this.
    They could have a quest where a plane takes us to isolated spots in the previous regions, rather than creating new locations in relation to said regions (although Faraway Island and the Village of Dragons would work well for Kanto and Unova).

    But for Zygarde, just having the cells migrate to the new region should be enough if we're right about the app.
    The vast majority of fans were very excited about XY's announcement and worldwide release.
    By half a year? Generation V was 2.5 years long outside Japan and no one complained. Something tells me that no one is going to complain about not waiting 2 years between releases.
    While not certain, I was saying that it would've been closer to three years if they released the game as soon as they were done with it, unless they struggled to complete the game in a timely manner.
    They weren't done with XY by early 2013. You only need to look at the first trailer to be convinced of that.

    And again, you could apply the same reasoning to Generation VIII. They could definitely release it by early 2019 (be it with less polish or with more people working on it), and whether or not they will depends on how rigid they are with release dates.
    They seem to have a policy that every generation must last at least three years.
    It's not a policy; they just like holiday releases. If they hire enough new employees and learn from Yokai Watch, they can start being more flexible.

    Even XY were only released around 3.5 years later, and that was most likely just to save it for the holiday season.
    3 years and 8 months if you want to be exact, and February 2010 is only when TPC was reported to have a kit. I don't know why you're acting as if four months are a substantial difference that will determine the fate of the next generation.
    Now I'm doubting it'll be released in 2019.
    Why not? The gap between Game Freak being given the 3DS development kit and XY's release was nearly 4 years.

    The most flexible release period for Generation VIII is early 2019 as I see it, unless the secondary Generation VII games somehow utilize the NX.

    It'd be odd if the handheld always shipped with the console.
    I'd call it lunacy. Nintendo's main appeal lies in an affordable handheld system.
    I don't think this changes anything (insofar as the NX handheld is likely to be released in early 2017 rather than beforehand), but it's worth a read.

    The exact shape of the NX hardware isn’t yet clear. People familiar with the development plans said Nintendo would likely include both a console and at least one mobile unit that could either be used in conjunction with the console or taken on the road for separate use.
    "Mobile unit" is a funny way to describe a handheld system that should be sold separately. Iwata was clear about the NX not being a hybrid; something tells me that this development kit is just for the home console.

    And apparently Nintendo has just launched a website for developers, and yet it only mentions their existing systems? Strange timing.
    Most people have forgotten about the Strange Souvenir and don't think anything special needs to happen in the future other than an early transition to the NX.
    I don't think it would be a good name for anything game-related, if only because it's already used for the anime.

    It seems that I've opened someone's eyes, which is saying something considering his previous blog entry about Z being inevitable.
    Reading his reasoning, I can see what he's getting at, but for things like show names etc. it always goes under Nintendo, Game Freak and Creatures Inc. and not the anime companies because the anime companies don't actually own it.

    They also trademarked プニちゃん, a.k.a. Puni-chan, the nickname Bonnie gives Zygarde Core in the anime. (Also they trademarked 10% Forme, 50% Forme and Perfect Forme)

    There is no news here. They trademark these things for merchandise reasons.
    You should play the Wisteria demo. It's a GBC-style game that replaces gyms with tournaments.

    Tyrian is the GBC-style game I'm most looking forward to playing.
    Perhaps rather than a separate version, they should just add a "+" to the existing game titles to denote new content (which, again, would be available for free to existing owners). That way the comparison to the old third version formula would be avoided, but they would still have a good reason to re-advertise the games after their release.

    But it remains to be seen how Yokai Watch 3's updates will work. They haven't even announced two versions yet.
    CoroCoro announced a third version, but it isn't Pokémon-related.

    From my understanding of Shinuchi (Yokai Watch 2's third version released last year), it isn't a director's cut so much as just a third entry comparable to the initial versions (they even share a website), which were updated upon its release. Each version has some exclusive monsters, but there is full compatiblity and little to lose from owning a single version. Busters' third version will also be followed by a free update to its predecessors.

    I think that the main reason for Level-5 using this formula is that it allows them to enjoy the summer sales as well as a major push for Christmas alongside a new movie. Game Freak doing something similar in a future generation could be a good thing if it allowed them to be more flexible with release dates (for instance, releasing Generation VIII in March-April 2019 and updating it by Christmas). The third versions of yore were quite different.

    But what I'm really interested in Yokai Watch 3, which will be updated at least three times (for free) rather than just once. I want to see the extent of these updates.
    They revealed Sylveon in 2013 and announced Mewtwo's role. If they wanted, they could reveal Volcanion alongside a new Pokémon. A January reveal for Volcanion is also possible.
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