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  • More Go news is coming soon.

    I hope they can cross-promote Go and the hypothetical Kalos app. It would be funny if Zygarde just ended up being used for Go in some way. Honestly? I wouldn't complain.
    Don't forget the people who thought that the backpacker was actually hinting at Hoenn. We had been misled for a few days before the official release.
    If ORAS tied XY together, why would Z even be necessary?

    The denial runs deep in the Generation VI thread. I can only stand posting there once a month, if that.

    I just want this mess to be over already.
    Maybe the "unique ways" part is vague, but Masuda actually mentioning Z as something that wouldn't be surprising says a lot in itself. People arguing that he was only referring to 2014 are ridiculous, since the very acknowledgement of Z as a possibility (now reinforced through the anime) has made it more unsurprising than it would have been a year ago.

    There are actually people who believe that Z will be released in September.
    So basically at least 99% of the fandom seem to believe that the Strange Souvenir, Masuda's remarks on "tying XY together in unique ways" and now this all mean nothing. Do these people honestly believe that a third version is going to excuse so much pointless deception?
    Serebii is already saying that they're misleading us to avoid spoilers. What's so wrong with "ORAS will be used for the rest of 2015"? That wouldn't spoil much, and the alternative of giving players the wrong idea about 2016 is ridiculous.
    The schedule for VGC 2016 effectively rules out a main series release until September. The new ruleset will be applied in January, which means that it will be based on the current games. There is no feasible way for a new game to be used for even the nationals or Worlds. And how weird would it be for a new game to be released without being tied to the VGC? I can't see it happening.

    The official website makes it crystal clear:

    2016 Pokémon Video Game Championship Series

    Pokémon video game players will be able to compete in more events than ever as the series expands to new cities and countries around the world. Championship Series events will use Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire.
    A March-April release date should be fine in general, but not in 2016 due to all the other releases planned for that period. Logic dictates that both Pokkén and Go will be released before the next main series game.

    I have to agree that the remaining reveals for this year should be Eternal Floette, Volcanion and the app they're presumably associated with. Generation VII can wait until January-February.

    An episodic format isn't farfetched at all if the idea is to explore different periods of Kalos' history and distribute three separate Pokémon.
    Why would Zygarde Formes be revealed 9 months prior to their game debut? Let alone with the anime wrapping up the story by March.
    Can you infer if Ishihara thinks that the beginning of the year in general is a bad time to release games, or specifically February? The funny thing is that a summer release is probably the worst-case scenario.
    Just January-February, probably since they follow the holiday season which is more ideal for big games. A game being delayed by a month or two makes consumers look for other games during the holiday when they're more inclined to spend money. This is more relevant to kids who rely on their parents.

    Yokai Watch has had three July releases since its debut, and they were all successful.
    XYZ01: "Aiming to enter the Kalos League, Ash and his friends continue their journey towards Snowbelle City, where the last Gym is located. While taking a break, the group encounters a mysterious, squishy Pokémon that's not listed in the Pokedex!? As Ash and the others get excited that it might be an entirely new Pokémon species, a mysterious group of people suddenly attack them."

    XYZ02: "With the legendary Pokémon Squishy now part of their group, Ash and his friends continue their journey towards Snowbelle Gym. As Serena is practicing for her Tripokalon during a break, a wild Quilladin suddenly appears before her. It appears this Quilladin has fallen in love with Eevee at first sight..."
    I wonder why they will end up going back to Anistar. The poster can't be so misleading.

    In terms of structure alone, it would have made more sense to start the arc on the way to Anistar instead of creating scenario that requires a retread. But that would have meant promoting Zygarde a few months too early.

    On another note, the treatment of Zygarde Core as an "entirely new species", "legendary" and "Squishy" is all too amusing. I still think that they would be desperate to promote it alongside the Kanto starters and Pikachu, especially when it is already featured in unrelated anime merchandise. But November is only a month away...
    To be fair, Core and 10% Forme Zygarde do have a red hexagon. Maybe we shouldn't overthink the balance between red and green in the logo.
    Tomy is going to release Pokédex Z next month, but it's actually just the ORAS Pokédex. It seems to me that TPC is making fun of Z theorists.

    That said, the listing only mentions 720 Pokédex, so I don't expect to see Volcanion revealed before December. As long as they get it out of the way before February...
    The thing is that Act IV is just a 22-minute episode, and at least half of it revolves around Alain's battles. So like Zygarde, Volcanion could only make its debut there as a pre-cursor to a bigger role in the actual anime. But all of Zygarde's forms (except for boring Cell) are shown between the two posters, whereas Volcanion would need to be added to the XY&Z poster, which already seems packed.
    Do you think anything will be announced this month? Nothing has been promised, but I think it would be weird for Zygarde Core (and 10% Forme?) to make its debut without any game context, and it will have been more than 3 months since the teasing began.
    Alternatively, they could just use an episodic format for the app. I did suggest dividing it into three episodes, with Zygarde gradually growing bigger as a reponse to the situation in Kalos. The release schedule could be as follows:

    1. AZ's war: November-December (Eternal Floette)
    2. 800 years ago: January-February (Volcanion)
    3. 300 years ago: March-April (Complete Forme)

    By the way, Complete Forme could make its debut before March. Its merchandise should be released after the debut, after all.
    Iwata: During the game's extended development period, I tried to stay abreast of what you were doing as much as possible. Then when Pokémon Red and Pokémon Green were released, it was such a quiet, understated start that it was impossible to imagine the way they would go on to explode in popularity.

    Ishihara: That's right. We originally completed the titles in October of the year prior to their release and wanted to release them quickly. But we missed the end of year sales season and finally released the games at the end of February of the following year - the very worst time of year to release games! (laughs)
    A lot of them expect a February release, but that would still be weird (and not just in terms of the anime promotion). February isn't even a good time for game releases (Red and Green's release date was acknowledged as being undesirable).
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