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  • This merchandise implies that Complete Forme will appear in March. That should wrap up the arc.

    I assume that Serena will use Sylveon in a Showcase in February, too. I don't see the anime sticking to Team Flare episodes until March.
    I don't see why they would release two games in 2016 after skipping this year, especially with how crowded early 2016's schedule is. If anything, they would announce a Z version next month and release it in December, but that would be really desperate (and silly considering they could have announced it this month).
    I relied on a machine translation and extrapolated a bit. Sorry for giving you the wrong impression. :-/
    Look here to see a translation of Ohmori's tweet. The meaning is a bit vague due to the references to SMD and Go.
    Why would the anime invent an exclusive form if Mega Greninja were tied to the same release as the Zygarde Formes?
    It might be circumstantial, but I think this merchandise is evidence that we aren't getting a new Kalos game. Why would they showcase Ash Greninja alongside the regular Chesnaught and Delphox if the latter were also getting new forms? And why would a new Kalos game not give all the Kalos starters new forms? While Charizard got preferential treatment, at least Blastoise and Venusaur still got Mega Evolutions (and XY weren't even set in Kanto). Likewise, Blaziken only got preferential treatment before the return to Hoenn.
    Oh joy. The Generation VI thread is getting more active again due to people rehashing the same tired arguments.

    Ishihara name drops the NX here, but it hardly implies that the next generation will be released for it. More importantly:

    – More titles like Pokemon Shuffle for 3DS/smart devices depends on the ideas they come up with and which devices have the best “fit” for the idea
    – There will be more on that at a later day (possibly referring to Pokemon Go), please be patient
    Since Go isn't a 3DS app (nor is it a secret), could this mean we're going to get another app soon? Either way, I think the interview reinforces how unlikely it is for a new main series game to be released in the first half of 2016. SMD, Pokkén and Go would get sidelined even by a boring third version.
    Prism' release has been delayed by a month (hopefully it won't get delayed again). In the meantime, Grape is an interesting Generation I hack (taking place in an original region with an assortment of Pokémon from different regions with updated mechanics and moves) whose beta has 7 gyms. Solar Light & Lunar Dark has entirely new Pokémon (over 300 of them) with 5 gyms so far; the main thing that bothers me about it is the reused music from DP and BW (especially as I dislike most of DP's tracks).
    I got him to reply. I guess I can't ask for more than that.

    If to be honest, I'm really tired of waiting for an announcement or confirmation of Game Freak's plans. We don't have anything to discuss anymore, nor do the Z supporters.
    I tweeted Marriland (adding a link to my app ideas) and haven't received a reply in over 24 hours. I guess he doesn't appreciate people who agree with him or have more to add? I hate being ignored.
    If memory serves, Serebii doubted that Generation VI would be released in 2013 (even after the tease), and there was absolutely no excuse for that line of thinking other than "they need to make every generation last 4 years!". For whatever reason, the guy has an issue with new generations.
    Volcanion just needs a movie, with any other distribution being optional. It doesn't mean anything in terms of future games.
    If Z is what everyone hopes (and given increases each third edition SHOULD be), gen 7 can bloody wait. New connected region plus Kalos, another 60 new mon plus megas, continuing story. What else could you want? (Unless you hate the premise of XYZ's story, of course...)

    I do hate the premise, but that expansion idea sounds like GS-like games (hence a new generation) rather than a third version. Except this guy thinks that Game Freak will do it in addition to a new generation released just a year after.
    I think that would be pretty late for a game announcement. Both BW and XY were announced in January and there was an actual reason to wait until then (HGSS were still new in Japan, and likewise for B2W2 in other territories). The app shouldn't require much promotion and it will presumably tie into the next generation, as will Go.
    The recently released issue of Nintendo Dream magazine contains a New Year card signed by Game Freak. In it, they promise to "do their best to work toward the next evolution of the Pokémon world."
    I don't know if Masuda reiterated those words in a tweet.

    I'll ask a friend to compare the wording of how evolution is used in each sentence, but it seems to be the same idea.
    How would you go about finding Masuda's tweet? Just for the sake of a comparison.

    Ohmori uses the word "super" to describe how high our expectations should be, and that is probably not a coincidence considering that he begins the tweet by referring to SMD's release. You could say that SMD does indeed capitalize on that series' 10th anniversary, since the previous continents are included to some extent (I am still not sure how many of the old locations are actually accessible). For the main series, I think that post-game (or DLC) "snippets" of old regions could work well without going overboard.
    Ohmori says that the series will evolve next year and we should have high expectations for it.
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