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  • Here's a lovely comment I found about Marriland's video:

    He's really going to make a big fool of himself after he publishes that video. I've honestly lost all respect for him at this point. There's so much evidence for the game(s), it's overwhelming:

    1.) The forms of course
    2.) Zygarde's Dex Entry for X and Omega Ruby
    3.) Thousand Waves and Thousand Arrows unused moves
    4.) Typing, Height, Weight for Zygarde Complete Form (why else give it out if it won't be in a video game).
    5.) "Flowers" hint
    The problem with the video is that it doesn't suggest how the Zygarde Formes will make their game debut, but it still does a good job showing how silly the Z prediction is. It's ridiculous for people to talk about Marriland as if he were crazy.

    That same person later said:

    And for someone like me who is paranoid a lot, his remarks just make me think "what if he's right?" Lol. I just hope we get the game(s) announced soon so we can put this to bed. At least a hint to a game announcement. Anything, please!
    Getting a little worried, aren't we?
    I'd say that XY&Z will take 3-4 months much like Episode N (14 episodes). The poster pinpoints Anistar as a focal point and they can only stay there (or in the vicinity) for so long.

    Late February or early March is a good prediction for the final gym, and that leaves enough time for everything to be wrapped up by the time the movie premieres in July. I seriously think they should take a break from the regular anime for 2-3 months in favor of an anniversary-related series that could act as a prequel to the new generation. Either way, the XY series lasting until late 2017 would be quite ridiculous.
    In order to compare a 3-year scheme to a 4-year generation one from a financial perspective, what needs to be taken into account is the number of versions sold per year rather than overall. As of last June, XY and ORAS' sales reached 13.99 and 10.27 million units, respectively. Let's assume that the final numbers will be around 14.5 and 11.3. Assuming a 3-year generation, this means that the number of units sold per year is:


    That's also the number of units in millions that "Z" would need to sell in order to maintain this average over 4 years. Is this likely for a third version? Not at all. B2W2 sold 7.81 million copies as of early 2013, so probably only around 8 million units overall. These were two sequel versions whose predecessors sold more units (15.60) than XY did. Platinum sold 7.5 million copies relative to DP's 17.63 figure, which is to say only 42.5%. A realistic expectation for "Z" would be somewhere between 6 and 6.5 million units.


    And that's before we even add a potential app into the equation. Let's assume a price of $10 (a quarter of a game) and that around 50% of XY players would buy it (the percentage could easily be greater).


    The numbers speak for themselves, don't they?
    It is kind of a sick joke how they gave us both the Strange Souvenir and Zygarde to speculate on. If they hadn't done the former, I think I would have lost interest in discussions a long time ago.
    I'd say that they were only open-minded in the sense they thought that Z might take place in a new region. I never understood that line of thinking, but it's history now.
    Masuda said that he wants Go to connect to the next entry. If the latter is part of the current generation, why wouldn't Go be compatible with the current games? I assume that the connection method will be Pokémon Bank since I very much that smartphones can connect to the 3DS directly.
    "We need a new Kalos game to fix XY's story. It's too soon for a new generation!"

    "A visual novel would be underwhelming because it would only focus on the story, when most people care about gameplay."

    Sound logic if I ever saw one. Nevermind the fact that an app could easily include an overhauled Battle Chateau or even the Battle Frontier if Game Freak wanted. If people just want any excuse for another badge quest, why on earth does it have to take place in Kalos?
    They did mention the anniversary and I don't see why they would Zygarde Core for it when there's separate merchandise for the anime that could be tied to all Zygarde Formes. Zygarde Core isn't even a real Pokémon, as evidenced by the lack of data.
    Let's not forget the anniversary-related merchandise that is only two months away. I don't see why the Zygarde Formes, Ash Greninja, Volcanion or Eternal Floette would be used alongside the unevolved Kanto starters and Pikachu. Maybe a Kanto-related pre-evolution?
    I agree. I think that the story would have simply continued in eastern Unova, with Ghetsis going after Kyurem and N wanting to stop him... much like in B2W2. The main campaign would have been mostly different for the expanded regional Pokédex.

    There's concept artwork showing Hilda in the PWT and PokéStar, by the way. Really, we might see what BlackGray and WhiteGray could have been like in the eventual (but hopefully very far off) BW remakes; I don't see them remaking B2W2.
    The only unexpected single version they can release is a prequel.
    And if they were to release a full-fledged prequel, it boggles the mind why it would only be one version.

    Normal Kyurem has a gray body
    To be fair, they were originally planning two versions. I have no idea what they would have called them. BlackGray and WhiteGray? :-/
    Do they not see the similar functions of base Kyurem and 50% Zygarde?
    I am not sure what you mean.
    I see the app being announced next month in time for a November/December release. It might have been overwhelming had they announced it alongside the new anime series, and they're still promoting Super Mystery Dungeon in Japan.
    However, a software title called "Pokémon" turned things around for the platform and ended up creating the biggest annual sales for Game Boy in the latter half of the platform’s eventual lifecycle. Therefore, we do not believe that the situation so far means that there will not be a bright future. However, we should learn from our experiences of not being able to perfectly respond to certain social changes such as changes in the way consumers collect and receive information. We recognize that we need to make changes in various areas, and consider how we can take advantage of smart devices and more actively use our character IP.
    I highly doubt that this is meant to be interpreted as "we might get lucky again." It seems highly likely to me that he was referring to Pokémon (and to a lesser extent other IPs) "giving the 3DS a bright future" via a smartphone-based strategy.
    Also note the more recent Q&A:

    Regarding your concern about what will happen to Wii U or what will happen to Nintendo 3DS, NX is a new platform, so the installed base will have to be built up from zero. When NX is launched, there already will be a certain volume of Nintendo 3DS and Wii U hardware widely existing in the market, so from a software business perspective, it would be highly inefficient to stop releasing titles for Nintendo 3DS or Wii U right after the launch of NX. Therefore, while we are preparing NX for the future, we are discussing within our internal development teams as well as with the second-party developers we co-develop software with and also with third-party software publishers about how to continue creating software for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. So, I believe that your point of concern should not happen immediately. As for Wii U, we will continue to make efforts, as it is a priority within the company to think about how we can satisfy the consumers who purchased this system to the maximum extent possible.
    Reading the entire thing, Iwata really did like to say "please understand" a lot... I'll miss reading what he has to say.
    Anyway, if the app is divided into three episodes, I can see Eternal Floette, Volcanion and Zygarde being distributed (in that order) for completing the episodes. The reason that Zygarde isn't complete in modern Kalos is that some of the cores have migrated to another region, hence the need to transfer Zygarde to Generation VII.
    I pity Xerneas if it gets attacked for something it didn't voluntarily do. I can see the last war having to do with countries fighting over Xerneas' power.
    Well, in AZ's war Xerneas just came to the rescue of the wounded Pokémon. I find it pretty silly that it would just randomly share everlasting life in later events. Talk about dumbing down a Pokémon just to make another one look cool.
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