• Snowy goes in for a rematch against Nessa. Will the tides turn in his favor, or will he get dragged under by the current? Watch here to find out.
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  • We don't have enough information to conclude that. Only one of them is referenced in a given XY version, and it clearly didn't sleep for 1000 years as the Pokédex implies. You should also bear in mind that Yveltal actually went on a killing spree 800 years ago and then immediately went to sleep, so there is little to suggest that Zygarde stopped it.

    Incidentally, I really don't see what Zygarde has against Xerneas. :-/
    For the record, the ORAS announcement trailer only has 2,723,983 views more than a year after it was uploaded. The lackluster reaction to Go on forums is very misleading; it's a much different story on YouTube and social media.

    There are three notable events in Kalos' past:

    1. AZ's war 3000 years ago.
    2. Some event involving Xerneas and Yveltal 800 years ago (referenced in Anistar).
    3. A war involving Kalos' neighboring regions 300 years ago (referenced in Parfum Palace).

    Perhaps Zygarde "grew" in every one of these events? That is, it was only 10% during AZ's war, 50% 800 years ago and finally 100% 300 years ago. Maybe Lucario's Mega Evolution happened 800 years ago and Greninja's transformation was part of the more recent war.
    I think Iwata was referring to a combination of Generation VII and Go. The latter will play a role in the former's success.
    Honestly, XY are only a couple million behind standard levels, and I'd attribute that to people's lack of interest in the 3DS.
    That's a problematic point because other people would use it to argue that Game Freak should move on from the 3DS. As I see it, the system itself is perfectly fine and Nintendo just need smartphone games to get more people interested in their IPs. The NX won't impress the casual demographic right away.
    I agree. There is no evidence that an earlier release for XY would have worked in Game Freak's favor, or even Nintendo's (and Game Freak's interests definitely come first). But I doubt that XY will reach 15 million units, as their sales are stagnant. I'd sooner blame the games' quality than anything else; there is a chance that Generation VII will fare better with anniversary levels of content and Go promoting it. Either way, they'll have Go's microtransactions and Amiibo to augment their revenues. They simply don't need the NX to make a new generation stand out.

    A good way to surpass the overall Generation V sales would be for the 2017 games to revisit Kanto (via sequels) rather than the latest region. B2W2 suffered from looking too similar to their predecessors.

    They could aim for mid-2019 if they're really worried, and it wouldn't really be much different from previous gaps.
    He says that they shouldn't launch a new generation in any period but September-December, but that's really silly considering that he is essentially advocating no 2017 release and a really weird 2016 release. Besides, March-April was good enough for RS, DP and BW outside Japan.
    I have a friend who is pretty confused right now because he's torn between expecting Zygarde games (not a third version) and believing that Game Freak should use the Strange Souvenir region for an anniversary release. He mocks me for expecting an app because it wouldn't generate enough money compared to a new game, but the bottom line is that a new generation would render that point moot. Not to mention that a lot more people would be willing to buy a $5-$10 app than a $40 third version, and a paired release has essentially been ruled out.

    He still seems to think that the Strange Souvenir should be a post-game region and that Zygarde is being promoted early because there is a whole other region to be promoted later on, but honestly, how does that prediction make sense? Leaving aside post-game precedents, why should the new region be secondary to Kalos? It's even guaranteed to feature at least one brand new legendary, which should naturally eclipse Zygarde (especially given the early promotion).

    He says that a Generation VI game taking place in a new region would be better than a new generation as it wouldn't tie the main series to the 3DS until 2019, but rather until 2018. I say that if Game Freak even care about not taking too long to release NX games, they should either make a gradual transition in the middle of Generation VII or expand their staff so that they can release Generation VIII by December 2018. They should absolutely not release the Generation VII initial versions in 2017 or take another break that year.
    Pokémon Cell Complete? That'd be dumb and I have no idea why the anime would use Z if Game Freak had something else in mind.
    Phoenix Rising is a promising fan game that won't feature gyms. Add in the unique story revolving around Ho-Oh and you get a project that definitely deserves my anticipation.

    Game Freak, stop making me care about fan games more than your own projects. 2016 has to be a turning point.
    I don't think Zygarde even thought of protecting Kalos before the first war. That is to say, there might have been no mechanism at all back then.

    At this stage, this aspect of Zygarde is little more than a part of the Pokémon's brain. Unlike the Cells, the Cores are self-aware and can communicate with Cells and other Cores via telepathy. When a change occurs in the local region's ecosystem, Cores have been known to take action.

    This is the perfect Forme that Zygarde takes when the Core gathers 100% of the Cells. When the ecosystem is under threat, and the Core concludes that the 50% Forme will be unable to deal with it, the Core takes on the Complete Forme. Its power is said to be greater than that of the Legendary Pokémon Xerneas and Yveltal!
    So is there a central Core or what?
    Are you suggesting that this is likely?
    No, but the general idea could work in an app.

    There's no way we're going to see Complete Forme fail to protect the ecosystem. Maybe an app would just expand on what happened 800 years ago, but that would force Eternal Floette to be irrelevant and secluded to Mystery Gift.
    1. Zygarde's mechanism probably didn't exist 3000 years ago, but we could see the effect of AZ's war on Zygarde's determination to protect Kalos' ecosystem, leading to the creation of Complete Forme.
    2. Why couldn't Eternal Floette have had a role 800 years ago?
    3. An app could explore multiple periods.
    An expansion pack would side-step the issue of an actual new game having no previously-unavailable Pokémon to offer, and depending on how crazy they go with it, it would breath just enough life into XY in order to tide us over until the new Gen 7 games. Maybe they could include new clothes for customization, and boosted Elite Four rematch teams, and possibly open up the Rhyhorn racing track on Route 22. Maybe they could finally make the ORAS Mega Evolutions compatible with XY. Maybe, just maybe... we could see the completed Battle Frontier? That's probably a long shot, but who knows.
    Here's one of the comments on Marriland's video:

    While I certainly do not think that we will see a "Pokémon Z" (it is too obvious; plus, from a technical perspective, we really don't even need a new game, because between XY and ORAS, you can already catch every non-event Pokémon), I cannot believe that the Zygarde Formes will simply be glossed over in the games.

    While we are speaking of "hidden-in-the-coding" content like Eternal Floette, there is also Zygarde's other two signature moves (Thousand Arrows and Thousand Waves), as well as Volcanion. This has to be there for a reason. Why would it be in the coding if they were just going to move on to Gen 7 after ORAS?

    However, at the same time, that timeline of releases is compelling evidence that Gen 7 is upon us, and due for 2016.

    I hate to say it, but I am beginning to think that the most likely scenario is indeed one that I have seen passed around before - a DLC add-on pack for XY, installing a "Z Episode" of sorts. XY don't really have much of a post-game to speak of, so this could be a supplement. Although I don't know how it would work out if you have already captured Zygarde... although, theoretically, if there are multiple Cores, then it should be possible for two 50% Formes to exist simultaneously. Maybe the storyline is written in such a way that you have to have captured the Terminus Cave Zygarde before you play through it, and then your Zygarde at some point merges with the rest of the Cores and Cells in order to unlock the Complete Forme.
    Speaking of big games, Prism is going to be released pretty soon if you don't mind GBC graphics.
    The region's lore certainly has potential. Certainly in comparison to Kalos. I wonder which part of the map will be reserved for the post-game. What's with the big unused island?
    The only thing missing from the video is a mention of the possibility of an app, or even just a Go tie-in. He should have also made a point about Zygarde not being a suitable movie star anymore.

    On an unrelated note, have you ever played Mother 3?
    It's funny how Masuda is tweeting about Meowth plushies and some random Japanese girl rather than the anime news. His description on Twitter now references the 20th anniversary and Go.
    I'm worried that this is foreshadowing a prequel (in the far past). That does fall under the heading of "unpredictable," but again, why foreshadow a new region and reveal a new Pokemon in XY if the priority was to release Hoenn remakes and expand on Kalos' past? Did they even have Poke Balls when Xerneas and Yveltal were last awake?
    I wouldn't worry about Game Freak drastically deviating from their comfort zone. The distant past is material for an app or a spin-off game.
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