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    No wayisVolcanipn sharing the kovie with a gen 7 mon, its far too early. But it can't share it with Zugarde,unless they have a huge surprise leftover.
    What do you propose, oh wise one?

    Jumping straight to gen 7 will solve nothing, and Zygarde absolutely needs itsown games,now that we have thos. I mean, this is the first time the end game legendary could actually be alooming presence that is relevant to your quest then justa random thing thst pops up as a goal for th evil team, and it can honestly shake things up as much as BW did with its story. If they relegate the Zygarde plot ti the anime, and have its formes as a nice bonus in gen 7, I honestly think it will be the first time I am truly upset with GF, I really would hate such a move.
    They wouldn't be rushing or squandering any potential by simply allocating Zygarde to a story-driven app. But that would make too much sense, I guess?

    I am not replying to the right person because it would be a waste of my time. I'd rather just vent here.
    I know that Masuda's logic is sometimes baffling (arguably too often), but I just don't see him sinking this low. His attitude about Go is sensible enough.

    I bet that even if no Zygarde game is released, people will still speculate about third versions in future generations.
    This music plays in my head whenever I see people going on about Z. Being almost alone in predicting a new generation for 2016 isn't exactly fun, and I have no energy to argue with people anymore.
    Technically, that paragraph was written right before the introduction of Ash Greninja, so it could just be referring to that (Japanese doesn't have a distinction between plural and singular).
    I laugh at people who still think that Zygarde is guaranteed to have a big role in Movie 19. Plenty of teasers (and actual trailers) have been misleading, and no legendary has had an extended anime arc and a big movie role. Poor Xerneas was an afterthought in Movie 17, and the upcoming arc won't focus on it, either.

    While fans are at fault for being narrow-minded and quick to jump to conclusions, I'm upset with TPC as they fully expected this reaction. I dislike how they're (presumably) misleading people. Is this common behavior for game companies?
    Perfect Forme doesn't look like a Z.
    I hadn't even noticed that. I have no idea what they would call a game based on it.
    Granting immortality to themselves and killing everyone else, I guess. That's how it already was in X with the Ultimate Weapon rendering Yveltal obsolete.
    I particularly hate any speculation about the Team Flare story suddenly becoming compelling when its very concept is so messed up.
    I would think that they would release Z in December given the anime. Again, they should really release an app instead especially given SMD's November release, but an early 2016 release would create the same problem in Europe while also leaving less time to promote the new generation.
    Game Freak could release a third version and quickly push it away for all I care (I am used to not buying some of their games), but they should have more business sense than that. An app, which is basically fancy DLC, may be cheaper but it would prevent saturation and help the franchise's image going into 2016.
    Oh, so you were talking about him? So much for whatever appreciation I had for him, then. Watching the video, he says that the game's prospect is silly and the timing is messed up, but he still thinks that the Generation VII theory is dead. Whatever.
    I need to stop reading other people's speculation, because it is honestly too much to bear. The vast majority of the fandom are much more minimalistic than Game Freak could ever be.

    I wonder what Verlisify thinks now?
    Is that a serious theory someone proposed to make a third version sound better? Okay...
    The Kyurem fusions are just a bit stronger than Reshiram/Zekrom, so I wouldn't even bet on a 780 BST.

    Perfect Forme has as much blue as red and green on it. The Act IV logo does in fact refer to another Pokemon.
    I don't know. They're running out of time to properly promote Volcanion in time for late October. Maybe it will get a cameo much like Genesect in Episode N?
    I'm expecting Zygarde's "game" to be released by this December. Either it's a DLC-esque eShop app, or Game Freak are desperate enough to release a third version and promote it for just two months as they did with Emerald. Either way, I just can't see this being 2016's big release. Zygarde could get a special event in a 2016 game (possibly set in a restricted area of Kalos), but that's it.

    If I'm wrong, I will have little hope for this franchise.
    Game Freak are not going to release a Z version as the only game in the series' "momentous year", as per Masuda's own words. He previously acknowledged that a Z version wouldn't have been good enough for 2014, after all. While an XYZ season may "scream" a Z version for most people, it is marketing lunacy to announce the season before the corresponding game, let alone start it.

    By the way, that isn't a Mega Greninja on the poster. It's a customized look.
    The arc, if it indeed exists, is unlikely to be longer than Episode N (14 episodes including fillers). Since Alain is going to meet Ash by the end of the year, this whole thing will probably be concluded by early 2016. That is no way to adapt the story of an upcoming game (hypothetically speaking).

    As for what could actually extend the series until late 2017? Only a Battle Frontier-like saga, but they can't even use the old Battle Frontier which was arguably hinted to return. And I really can't imagine why OLM or Game Freak would promote any battle facility for an extended period of time in this day and age.
    The latter wouldn't be too strange, but they really could've just saved its moves for the next generation in that case if they're really designed for the forms.
    Nothing says that they have to make them available, but I feel that this is a bit like saying that they shouldn't have given Mewtwo Psystrike until XY. The coding suggests that Zygarde itself is meant to use those moves.
    Too bad that's not happening unless they either release Eternal Floette and Zygarde's moves ahead of their focus or keep them unreleased in this generation.
    Eternal Floette's story was told in XY, so really, a distribution around its anime debut wouldn't be illogical. Likewise, Zygarde is being focused on this year one way or the other, and making its moves available in this generation wouldn't detract from giving its forms an event in new games.
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