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Recent content by Schala

  1. Schala

    Happy Fizzypendence Day

    Watching the Parade, and then heading to the Bonfire.
  2. Schala

    New Year's Grand Festival - Fizzytopia Welcomes 2018!

    *Fell asleep after work yesterday instead of writing like I had planned* I'll try and get something done for this, but in case I don't: Picking #10.
  3. Schala

    Wollminster's Winter Market: Christmas 2017

    Claiming 4x Steel Gems, 1x Smooth Rock, and 6x Violet Cyber Balls, thanks EAI!
  4. Schala

    Wollminster's Winter Market: Christmas 2017

    The festival was in full swing when Schala arrived. Several of her Pokemon were in tow, including Apate and Airmid. Uttu lounged on her new favorite perch and their newest addition to the team, Ager, a Mudbray. While Schala had wanted to explore a bit, Airmid had overheard that you could...
  5. Schala

    The Adoption Center

    Adopting this Mareep for $200. Placing her in this Pokeball (19 of 50, last used here).
  6. Schala

    FB Trading Card Palace

    Picking up these cards, and using this TCG Pass to pick up 1x Froakie Deck and 2x Neo Genesis Pack 4s.
  7. Schala

    FB Trading Card Palace

    Using this Trading Card Palace Pass to purchase 2 Neo Destiny Pack 4s.