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Recent content by scrambled_togepi

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    Ideals and Truth

    Forget that part I confused you and you confused me. That's what I've been trying to say. Each brother has his own unknown perspective that is the truth or ideal he fought for. You seem to be confused though. Truth and Ideals are not special concepts exclusive to Unova's legends. There are as...
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    Ideals and Truth

    First, you are contradicting yourself in the bold. We have no idea what the truth and ideal each twin was fighting for were, so we have no idea what their fight was over. Therefore, the twins were in conflict because they represented different ideas. The twins' "[not] adequately explained...
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    Ideals and Truth

    Let me rephrase myself. Truth and Ideals are only considered opposites in Black and White because Reshiram The dragon that fights for truth and Zekrom the dragon that fights for ideals oppose each other. When N seeks out Zekrom to fight for his ideals he becomes the Hero of ideals. When N seeks...
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    LT Weekly Poll #8 - Do you still play the older generations?

    I replay all of the games from time to time. Generation 3 and 4 more then 1 and 2, but there is still some fun in switching to generation 1 or 2 for the sake of mixing up the feel of the battle system.
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    What do you miss most about the older games?

    That's not exactly a new generation but I felt the same way when Black and White were announced right before I completed the Pokedex in SoulSilver. I can relate.
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    How do you think they'll release the unreleased HAs?

    Happy to help. Ability Capsule can't change a pokemon's ability to its hidden ability.
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    What do you miss most about the older games?

    Pokemon Black and White did come out 3 years before X and Y in Japan. If X and Y did not have an international release that would have been the case around the world too. Sept. 18 2010- Oct. 12 2013
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    Clever Pokémon Nicknames

    I named my shiny male Gardevoir Itsakilt
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    What Do You Do When the Game is Done?

    Go through post game quests. Complete the pokedex. Train pokemon to kill time until the next game. Transfer pokemon to the next game. Replay as a girl.
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    Should we refresh pokemon?

    Fire is still a starter type and Rock has the same issues I mentioned before. Steel is almost as bad as rock, resisting Normal flying and bug. It isn't strong against them though. Fire/Steel/Rock is closer to Grass/Fire/Water then Flying/Rock/Fighting though, because Fire and Steel both...
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    Signature team

    Not really. I have over 30 battle ready Pokemon I cycle. If I'm re-battling someone I am likely to change my Party to counter theirs. I will almost always include my shiny Umbreon though. It has poor IVs and a Jolly Nature but It has Heal Bell and Foul Play so it generally does what Umbreon do...
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    Ideals and Truth

    That is the idea! Truth and Ideals are only opposites in Black and White because they oppose each other. Similarly, Reshiram and Zekrom were the same dragon. It is their fighting that defined them as opposites. There is a point in one of the games where a character says something along the...
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    How do you think they'll release the unreleased HAs?

    They won't because they hate me.:banghead:
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    Review Pocket Monsters: The Origin

    I just assume they are referring to the regional Pokedex. Red and Blue would have no reason to specify Regional or National Pokedex until Professor Oak updated their Pokedexes and Oak is never shown doing that. I just can't see him giving them Pokemon for kicks, or asking them to complete...