• Do you use Discord? Do you like catching Pokémon? Have you heard of Elaria? If you answered yes to the first two, you should give it a go! Professor Tilia is always looking for new people to help fill her Living Dex!

    It just so happens she is hosting an event right now, where you could even get your own Pokémon form added into the game! Details can be found over in the Elaria discord server, right here
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    We hope to see you roleplaying away soon!
  • What happened to the Pokemon GO section?

    Hey all! We wanted to let everyone know that the Pokemon GO section has officially been merged into the Pokemon Video Games section. You can find more information in this thread.

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  • Why'd you even respond back :/? You're not doing any favors by making lame jokes and insults, especially against me, because I take everything light-heartedly, especially over the internet and from people I don't know, lol.
    Hi, how's it doing?

    So I herd you liek Zilver? Well maybe he's not that young. I don't think he's 10/11. For me it always looked a bit older than the other protagonists, not to mention that in FRLG it is said that he's about Red's age, so by the time of GSC/HGSS events, he must be like 14 years, so you're no pedo. Enjoy him.


    P.S.: Why did I went on discussing this? Anyways, have a great day.
    I think you're pretty cool~

    Except for the fact that Charizard is your favorite. (Insert a hurf)
    Hi! How you doing? I just read that little argument you had on the HGSS Subforum, but let me give you some advice: it's not worth it. Fighting against people you don't know because of a video game that hasn't even been released, c'mon, you've got better things to do. You seem quite smart and I like your posts, so keep on going, you're doing great!

    Wait! You wanna be a lawyer? Like to write novels? Charizard your favorite Pokémon?? Hell, it seems I was reading my own profile!!

    Cheers ^_^
    Hey, thanks! Haha, yeah, I'd made it through a good sixty or so, and then finally just decided to jump in with the discussion. I knew I was never going to catch up otherwise. x_x
    welcome to the HGSS "club". Don't bother trying to read every page, the last 10 or so are good enough.
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