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  • Why'd you even respond back :/? You're not doing any favors by making lame jokes and insults, especially against me, because I take everything light-heartedly, especially over the internet and from people I don't know, lol.
    Hi, how's it doing?

    So I herd you liek Zilver? Well maybe he's not that young. I don't think he's 10/11. For me it always looked a bit older than the other protagonists, not to mention that in FRLG it is said that he's about Red's age, so by the time of GSC/HGSS events, he must be like 14 years, so you're no pedo. Enjoy him.


    P.S.: Why did I went on discussing this? Anyways, have a great day.
    I think you're pretty cool~

    Except for the fact that Charizard is your favorite. (Insert a hurf)
    Hi! How you doing? I just read that little argument you had on the HGSS Subforum, but let me give you some advice: it's not worth it. Fighting against people you don't know because of a video game that hasn't even been released, c'mon, you've got better things to do. You seem quite smart and I like your posts, so keep on going, you're doing great!

    Wait! You wanna be a lawyer? Like to write novels? Charizard your favorite Pokémon?? Hell, it seems I was reading my own profile!!

    Cheers ^_^
    Hey, thanks! Haha, yeah, I'd made it through a good sixty or so, and then finally just decided to jump in with the discussion. I knew I was never going to catch up otherwise. x_x
    welcome to the HGSS "club". Don't bother trying to read every page, the last 10 or so are good enough.
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