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  • Yes! I hope they make them look really epic and don't screw them up. =x Although the new HG/SS characters looked really nice, so my expectations are semi-high.
    I added you to my 3DS friend list.
    My Code is: 3411-1627-7859
    Name: Sebastian or Durgo like u whant
    Many thanks
    That would just be so amazing. Imagine it now, Dewford in summer...Mt. Pyre in winter! Finally, Route 119 won't be so rainy!

    Also, I just noticed this. Hoenn is the only region without checkpoints in between routes and cities. Isn't that odd?
    I can't wait for the day~ Can you believe that Hoenn is the only main-series region to not have a day/night cycle? It's almost insulting. I want to see my glorious alma-mater at night. Just imagine how gorgeous Sootopolis would look during the evening...


    I first played through Kanto, but since I had a tendency to lose my LeafGreen, I ended up playing Sapphire (my second Pokemon game) more. Last time I checked, I had racked up 239:45 hours playing that forsaken game~ I was a very determined child.
    Ah, that's great. I thought it would be too sudden for a welcome anyway.

    I hear you're a fan of Gen III, ah?
    My section is really hard so I had to request a partner recently, but even so it's really fun Dx I wouldn't want to quit ever, plus the blue name is pretty <3 Wish Bulba had fancier colors for staff and etc but ;;
    Back in August yeah, can't believe I'm already nearing the 5th month >: And yeah I've seen you there but we've never really talked, though that's partially my fault for being shy lool. But wow you're going on quite a posting spree here :33 I wanna post more on BG, this is where my Pokemon foruming experience started so it's kinda hard to pull away. ;;
    I'm Cirno on PC~ I've seen you around a handful of times, not sure why I didn't recognize you ;~;
    You're on PC? I've been trying to figure out who you were but am doing a very bad job at it. DD:

    EDIT: Oh the wonders of the about me page. You're Suicune? :33
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