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    Best Wishes! Wish List: What do you wish for?

    To be fair, they have to churn out a new episode pretty much every week, and don't have the time or budget to do much more. But yeah, there's so much potential to make interesting stories out of Pokemon, it's a shame they don't do more with it. Like, there is SO MUCH potential with Team...
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    Best Wishes! Wish List: What do you wish for?

    Wait, Ash's Kanto Pokemon had no personality? What? They probably had the most personality out of any of the pokemon seasons so far. Squirtle was part of a gang and liked to be a tough guy Bulbasaur had a whole episode revolved around him not wanting to evolve, and he was shown to be very...
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    Pikachu flies again: Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade plays host to electric mouse ball

    Re: Pikachu flies again: Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade plays host to electric mouse ...Did you watch it as a kid? That'd probably have something to do with it. Also, I love the parade. The floats are awesome and the performances they do are fun.
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    On the Origin of Species: Mew: Investigating the inspirations behind Pokémon

    The problem with that is that "god" also decided to leave organisms with vestigial organs, such as our appendix, which is not only useless, but potentially harmful as well. You're implying that god decided to create the evolutionary fuck-ups as well. Not every mutation is a beneficial one.
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    "Best Wishes!", the first opening theme to "Pocket Monsters Best Wishes"

    I know a lot of you are hatin' on the animation, but I think it's actually pretty neat. It's cool and different. It's weird as an opening, yes, but hey, Ishhu's supposed to be all about change.
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    A song question

    OK... I wasn't entirely sure where to ask this, but I guess it counts as "other media", since I'm looking for a song. It's called "Mama no Daiji na Pokemon" or "Mama's Dear Pokemon" according to Bulbapedia. It took a lot of digging around just to find the article about the song. A quick...
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    Famitsu gives Black and White perfect score: Generation V games to be first Pokémon g

    Re: Famitsu gives Black and White perfect score: Generation V games to be first Pokém Out of curiosity, what WAS written about the games? Has someone translated it? If so, are the reviews spoiler-ific?
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    Do you plant berries?

    I do when I need the stat-lowering/friendly making berries. Only in SS though, since I can just carry them with me all the time.
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    Did Hunter J's death seem strange to you?

    Well, that's not very nice. >:T
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    What do you call the currency?

    Normally I just read it as the number. But I use the words "Pokebucks", "Pokedollars", and "Pokemoney" pretty evenly.
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    The Simple Question / Simple (or not so) Answer thread Mark II

    Re: Pokemon training vs. caught wild Typically, a hatched Pokemon will be "stronger" when it gets to level 20 vs. one caught at level 20 because the hatched Pokemon has gained EV's from battling. But if they both had the same nature, EV spread, and IV's it wouldn't make a difference where you...
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    Satoshi Kon dies at the age of 47

    Wow. This... this really sucks. I was a big fan of Millenium Actress and his other stuff. It's a shame he died that early.
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    Your (pet) peeves about Japan

    Eh, I'd say that xenophobia's a form of racism. But that is probably a better word for it. @winstein- For one, they only adopted the secular aspects of Christmas. Which I'm not really against, since most people in the states are pretty secular as well. So they have Santa and the red and green...
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    Your (pet) peeves about Japan

    I really don't like the idea of using the word "hate" to describe a country or group of people, so I'll just go with what I find annoying instead. The racism has always bugged me. I understand why they're like that, but it's just not OK. Also, I'm not religious at all, but man they completely...
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    How Does Bulbagarden Stack Up With the Rest?

    While Bulbapedia isn't completely free of jerks, I have to agree with ya there. There isn't much friendly discussion ever on Serebii. I haven't been here long, but there seems to be less tension. 'Course, I might not be looking in the right threads.